Where’s the bus?

While I will admit I am a little bit crazy, I am not a very impulsive person. In fact, I am the type of person who likes to plan WELL ahead of time. I have notebooks full of lists, goals, and plans. If anything, I get upset because I have everything planned out for months and it doesn’t go as planned. While I am learning to be more flexible and roll with the punches, it is still a constant battle. Due to my need to plan, a lot of effort has been spent on finding the perfect bus. Because of the fact that we are going to be traveling a great distance and then living out of our converted RV for a few months, I want to make sure we are able to procure the most reliable bus possible. We also are on a restricted budget, which of course makes the process even more difficult. But perhaps the most frustrating fact is that there aren’t a whole lot of buses in Utah, where we are right now. Up until last night, I have only seen 3 buses for sale over the past couple of months.
The first bus was this bus that I owned many years ago. While it was produced in one of the most awesome years in the Earth’s history and the price is wonderful, it is about 5 feet shorter than a 77/78 passenger bus and it has a regular engine instead of a diesel. The extra 5 feet will enable us to put in bunk beds for 4 kids and diesel engines usually outlive regular engines (not to mention, it will cost less for diesel fuel than unleaded).


The second bus I found was on auction through the school district. I called the garage in Kamas, where it was being stored, and asked to come and see it. I drove all the way up there and took a ton of pictures. I LOVED this bus. It had under storage compartments and seemed to be in pristine condition. Plus I felt good about it because I had actually seen, heard, and touched it. I waited until the day that the auction was going to end and began bidding. I had to bow out around $2500, partly because there is an added 6% for taxes and 9% for the auction site’s fee and I only had $3k to spend. It was a little bit disappointing to not get this bus, but having experienced disappointments before, I have learned that sometimes these are just to test my faith….what I really want is just around the corner.

Bus three was one that had been found by Richard, the man who sold us a lot of bus conversion components. Richard had seen an ad online and was going to go and see this bus, but never got around to it before his son found him a wrecked RV back east that would be just what he needed for his wife and himself. He gave me the info and I called the man who owned the prevost…it was still up for sale. Although, when I spoke with Mr. Suave (at least that’s what he thought his name was), he had added another $1k to the price that was listed on the ad Richard showed me….I should have known this guy was all about the money. We drove all the way up to Logan to see this “awesome bus”. Did I say ‘bus’? I should have said ‘rust’. Seriously, I have never seen a vehicle firsthand that was rusted out as much as this one was. Mr. C and I just patiently took a tour of the bus and then took Mr. Suave’s own “inability to let go of it because [he] just loved it so much” as our way to part with his rust mobile. Yeah, we would hate to take away his dream.

A few weeks ago, I found Midwest Transit Equipment. They have many reasonably priced buses…unfortunately they are also around 1300 miles away from our home. We were thinking of purchasing this bus. While this would be a great deal, the dilemma I have with purchasing a bus from Illinois is that I would either have to commit to it before I got there or take a risk of flying out there, only to find it already sold.

Last night I found an ad online and met with Dan today to look at his buses for sale. Dan seems like an honest and knowledgeable fellow who was willing to help me look online in his office. He shared a few secrets with me on what to look for in a bus and how to convert. I really wish that one of his buses would have worked for our family. Because of the size of our family and the fact that we are planning on living out of the bus for a few months, it is imperative that we have a bus that allows for at least 32′ of working space to build in. Dan’s buses were only 27′. They did have diesel engines, which are located in front of the driver (less noisy) and they were beautiful….very clean and in great condition…no rust.

I know it is hard to believe that a crazy lady that is so excited to uproot her family and head down to another country for a few months has issues with the purchase of a bus, but there you have it….I am still on the hunt for a bus. Wish me luck!

Gracias, mi amigos.
Pura Vida!


Mrs. C

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