We Now Have Twins!


Last week I was stoked to have found this beautiful fridge…the lady went down $50 from the asking price (which was $650) and offered to drive it up to my home from Cedar City. I was feeling very loved. Sunday night she called to let me know that someone else had called her back who was willing to pay $700 and drive to her home to pick it up….I smelled something fishy. Then I felt frantic. She told me that she was willing to keep our original deal on the price, but that she wouldn’t be able to drive up to my home. So, after gas (around $150 was my estimate), the 9 hours it would take to drive there and back, having to take a few pit stops and feed the kids in the car…I figured it would cost around $750 and be a HUGE headache. She then told me that I would also need to bring a few people to load it up. So, I would have to find a sitter for 5 kids for around 10 hours, find a few helping hands that could give up their entire day, and pray that it worked once we got it hooked up in a few months. I called Mr. C who told me that it sounded like she wanted to make more money and that it was up to me, but he thought it was a deal gone B-A-D. In order to feel better about my decision to let the deal go, I then called a man who I had seen advertise RV fridge repair. I asked him what it would cost to replace the cooling coil if it was not working (the most costly of repairs from what I have read), once I got it installed. He told me that on a Norcold he would charge around $700 to replace one of those. By this time, I was feeling pretty confident that I could walk away from the fridge and not pout for too long. I called her back and told her that I felt that it would be better for all of us if she sold it to the other guy, and I was being honest. To buy a new 7.5 cu ft Norcold fridge it would cost me around $1500 incl. s&h. If I ended up having to fix the cooling element on this fridge, I would have invested around $1450…and it would still be around 12 years old. The other (supposed) buyer was willing to save her the cost of driving ($150) and pay $100 more than I would, better for her. Win-Win. I felt great about it. Mr. C and I agreed that we would just buy a new fridge when the time came to leave, if we hadn’t found an awesome deal….

The awesome deal was found today! We are now the official owner of these twin fridges. One works well and the other doesn’t work. I bought them both for a total of $400. I only had to drive about 45 minutes away from home to check them out and pay for them. They are holding them for me until I can pick them up (didn’t have the man strength or the vehicle to pick them up today).

Yes, there is always a chance that neither one will work, but I will have only spent about $425 (including gas for whomever helps me move them). In the event that they don’t work, I am pretty sure that I can resell them for $400 to someone who can repair them for super cheap.
I feel great! And loved. And much better than I did last night around this time. šŸ˜‰
Thank you to everyone of you who build me up when I am knocked down. You help me to remember that there is still a whole lot of love to go round and round….round and round….round and round….all through the world.
Te amo, mi amigos!
Mrs. C
(that definitely stands for Calm, Centered, and yet, Charismatic)

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