Step #1: Getting the Bus (Liahona)

After 6 hours of flying across the country, 4 days/3 nights of driving a little over 1,500 miles back across the country, learning to trust in His plan for us (our plans were far too boring), and feeling the love that so many have to offer, we arrived safely back where we started. Liahona is now snuggled up next to our home and ready to begin her beautiful transformation into our family’s RV. During the past few days I have completely fallen in love with this big ole ’92 Blue Bird.

Liahona is approximately 27,800 lbs (empty), 37′ long, 10′ wide, 10′ tall, and she can seat up to 77 passengers (until the seats come out this week). She has a 5.9 cummins diesel engine, automatic allison tranny, hydraulic disk brakes, and purrs like a kitten. She came to us with only 108k miles, costing $1,800. She intuitively seems to know just when and where to have a melt down, receiving the best possible care imaginable. She is beautiful and we are proud to call her ours.

I am thoroughly exhausted, but so very excited to share the beginning of our adventure with Liahona (as soon as I can grab another spare moment). So much to do this week…so much to share.

Thanks for caring.
Mrs. C

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