Overcoming Obstacles

There were a couple of obstacles with getting Liahona up into the RV pad that we had designated for her home. The first obstacle was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to get a clear shot up the steep driveway and onto the RV pad, due to the flower bed blocking my way. When we first purchased the home, I had it in my mind that we would take out the tree and flower bed and cement the area….but my neighbor (whom I love dearly) told me he was adamant about keeping it in place. For nearly 3 years I didn’t do anything with that stinking bed…hated the fact that it had to be hand watered, hated the weeds and the fact that I never had a say in putting it there to begin with. I am ashamed to say that I actually held a grudge against the flower bed.

When we finally decided that we would need to park Liahona on the side of the house, I knew I was going to have to have more room than I did.  I went to the city recorder’s office and viewed the property boundaries. It turned out that our property line was down the middle of the bed, in the middle of the tree. I notified my neighbor that I needed to move the bed over, in order to use my RV pad. We began by weeding, moving the bigger rocks over to the other side of our driveway, and moving all of the cinder block pavers out. While the boys worked on weeding and moving the blocks, I carefully removed as many of the plants as I could and put them in pots or replanted them on my neighbors’ half.Then I worked on leveling the dirt and moving it on top of their side of the bed.

I worked all day and made it down to THIS huge rock that I couldn’t figure out how to move. I asked my neighbor if they wanted it, and they said they did, so I was hopeful that they would get it moved before it came time to park Liahona.

When I came home from picking up Liahona, the rock was still there. I asked my neighbor if he was still interested in it and he tied a chain around it and slid it across the bed onto his property.
I finished up with the leveling and moving the cinder blocks into place. It took around 12 hours of manual labor, a sunburn, and some pretty sore muscles, but I was determined to get her up into her spot.

Yeah, those are Liahona’s foot prints there.

The second obstacle was the fact that there was an RV cover already bolted into the bottom of the RV pad….it was 26’x 9.5′ and because Liahona’s dimensions are 37’x 10′, we couldn’t even try to fit her in there. I tried to sell it online for $2k for a few weeks…then $1k for a few more weeks….then finally, out of sheer desperation, I called Mr. C on my way home with Liahona and told him that I really needed to be able to park her up there when I got home and so he would need to take the price down to $500. I hated to sell it for so much less than I knew it was worth, but I also needed it moved ASAP. I had around 12 calls that day, all very serious about buying this RV cover…

David and his friend came and put down a deposit. That night Mr. C moved all of the wood and cabinets I had been storing under there. They returned about 12 hours after I arrived home and removed it…piece

… by…


When they heard me talking to Ethan about needing to remove some fencing…

…they offered to help me out.

Within a few hours after returning home, the RV cover and fencing were removed and I had $500 to use towards registering Liahona (registration is another post altogether).

So glad that she is finally resting here.
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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