Step #3: Removing the Flooring


If you recall, step #2 was removing the seats. After we removed the seats, I drove them over to the recycle center (where I made about $75). I knew that the next step would be to remove those stinky rubber floors. Mr. C and I worked for a few hours pulling up the bigger pieces of rubber. We cut off the heads of the screws that were in the aluminum stripping that had been holding the rubber down to the floor (using our awesome new grinders). Then we pried the aluminum up to be recycled and threw the rubber away (man, did that rubber stink).

Once the flooring was mostly up, we called it a day. The next morning, I gathered up the 3 musketeers (Ethan, Jamin, and Luken), and we all headed out to the bus to begin the final part of removing the flooring and the beheaded screws (what a strange term). Ethan got the better of the 2 vice grips and pulled out several of those beheaded screws and Jamin soon gave up on pulling out screws and began scraping the old paint off while Luken was under the bus searching for all of the bolts that had fallen when we had beheaded the bolts for the seats.

At first I told the musketeers that we would pay them 10 cents per screw and 1 cent per bolt…but because Jamin was unable to pull out as many, I soon changed it to a set amount for the whole process. Little Lukie was so excited to count up how many beheaded bolts he had found. It was funny to see how he just figured on more money for the bigger ones. He insisted that the biggest one was worth 4 cents and the medium ones were 2 cents and the smallest ones were all 1 cent. Such a little negotiator, that boy is. And he LOVES math…let me tell you. He had 62 bolts and when I told him that I would give him $2 for the lot, he was thrilled!

I continued beheading screws and pulling up the aluminum while the boys worked. Then I got to the wheel wells, which were a major pain. Ethan told me that he had just the right tool for me to use. He left and soon returned with a carpet cutter…which looked like something out of a twisted horror movie. I wondered what other tools he had been messing around with in the garage, but was very grateful for his resourcefulness. The carpet cutter was great for cutting the rubber, which was thoroughly glued to the wheel wells. All of the rubber was up, most of the screws were removed and Jamin gave up on the day’s work and went inside when I told him I was going to give him money for the whole job instead (which is why he earned half of what Ethan did in the end-gotta be fair).

That left the rear floor heaters…which I really wanted to keep for when we would be driving and wouldn’t want to use the propane heaters. I beheaded the screws holding the covers for the heater lines in place. I removed the covers. And then I realized that I had no idea how to remove the heaters….which was when I went inside and visited my favorite site, Seriously, there is a world of skoolies and they are really friendly and willing to help me out whenever I need advice or information. I soon had a ton of response on others who had saved their heaters and how to remove them in the meantime. I felt relieved….and grateful. Where else would I find that type of info? Can’t wait to work on these tomorrow!

Today was our first visit to State Trailer Supplies….it was our date night…I am so in LOVE! I never knew there were so many things to put in a motorhome. I never realized how much money Scott from Atwood saved me on the stove/oven and furnace he gave me for free….it would have cost me nearly $1,000 for the two of them and an additional $400 on the water heater that he sold me for $200. I also got to see how much the items that I picked up from a wrecked bus conversion would have cost me….I probably saved thousands of dollars there. Then there were all of the items that I have diligently searched out and drove all over Utah to pick up…saved several thousands of dollars there. I felt a bit better about all of the time and money that have gone into Liahona so far. Even though there isn’t much to show in her belly, my garage that used to house our minivan and now houses all of her awesome components speaks loudly of what will be. I am so excited to begin again!

Tomorrow Mr. C has promised to help me disconnect the rear heaters and reorganize the garage. I am excited to figure out what we are keeping and sell some of the items that I now know I will not need so that we can buy more items that we need….I know, silly, but apparently an important part of the process for us. I also borrowed my brother’s commercial pressure washer and I can’t wait to clean off those floors…so that we can move onto the next step…which is installing the flooring for the construction of our new home….Liahona.

Pura vida!
Mrs. C

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