Step #4: Removing the Floor Heaters


We had already removed the seats and the rubber flooring, now we just needed to disconnect the heaters and move them out of the bus until we were ready to put them back in permanently. First we read up a bit on how to do this and asked a few other skoolies what they had done with their heaters. I think it will be nice, in the cooler months, to have floor heaters when we are driving and don’t want to have the propane on.

Mr. C was such a sport…I told him I had to take pictures of the entire event, and couldn’t be the one cutting because of this. He was very understanding, although he did look at me with a smirk, as if to say, “You just don’t want to get splashed in the face with this stuff.”

We bought a couple of new 5 gallon buckets and a nice Fat Max knife (Mr. C thought it would compliment my Fat Max tape measure….he loves me). We turned off the two valves for the rear heaters, one is on the passenger side, under the bus, right behind the stairs…

and the other is in the engine compartment.

He figured out where he wanted to cut, just above this T joint, to the right…that way it would be easy to reconnect when we are ready.

He began by cutting away the insulation around the first hose.

He pulled off the insulation and remarked on how sharp the blade was…smooth like butter.

Then he cut into the hose, gently…

Once the coolant squirted all over his arm and onto his face, he was ready to cut her wide open…

Luckily, he had on goggles and was anticipating a bit of a mess. Look at him smiling…he got to have all of the fun. I was just stuck taking these stinkin‘ pictures.

He did the same thing to the other hose and insulation…and patiently drained them as well as he could from underneath the bus.

He then went up into the bus to lift up the heaters and use gravity to help drain out what was left in the hoses while I made sure the coolant didn’t get all over. When all was done, there was almost an entire 4.5 gallons of antifreeze in the bucket we used. We marked all of the electrical wires running to the water pump. Then we cut them and taped the ends with some electrical tape. Now the heaters are safely removed. Yay! When we put them back in, once the dinettes and bunk beds are framed and installed, we will probably run the floor heater hoses under the bus. Because we are going to be reconnecting them and because we have the valves safely keeping the coolant from traveling back here, we didn’t have to connect these hoses together.

I know, it may seem silly to some that my steps are so little, but when you are working on a motorhome conversion with very little money and quite a few other responsibilities (and distractions) keeping you busy, every step counts.

Hasta la vista!
Mrs. C

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