Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

Once we got the heaters removed, I was thoroughly excited. I had been waiting so long to get Liahona clean on the inside. I borrowed my dad’s power washer and sprayed her down really good. I was amazed at all of the dirt! And this was after we had swept her out at least 3 times…

I even took out the old stinky insulation that was on the engine compartment, sprayed some degreaseron the engine and hosed it down as well.

Much better!

I found a guy selling this insulator nearby for $10 (it runs around $50 in the RV store). I called the company that makes it, Bonded Logic, and asked them about using it for the inside of a bus engine compartment. They told me that this would be the perfect use for their product. I picked it up and saved myself a little bit of money.

Bonded Logic was so helpful, they told me what I needed to purchase to adhere it to the compartment cover. I am buying these items this week (about $28 including S & H) and putting my new insulation in soon. So, for around $40 I am replacing the stinky, fuel doused, unglued, falling all over me while I try to inspect the engine-insulation.

I scrubbed the ceilings, walls, and windows with soapy water…such a difference!

I know that my steps are so little…they seem so insignificant right now. But every step is another step closer to being done. The nice thing about these steps is that, unlike cleaning my kitchen, doing laundry, or mowing the lawn, once they are done, they are DONE. And I like that…I like that a lot!
Pasos de bebé!

Mrs. C

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