What’s In A Name?


One of my new skoolie friends was inquiring about the name of our blog and our bus the other day. I realized that I haven’t shared that with anyone who is reading our blog. I just assumed you all knew from the get go….sorry, my bad.
When I was still bus-less, I was coming up with lots of cute and fun names for our bus….Patches, Bliss, and Joy were the ones that I was debating between. On the drive home from picking Liahona up, my dad and I were talking a lot about the Book of Mormon and some of the experiences that are shared in there. As I was relating to him a scripture I had just read with my family the week before, I was overcome with the spirit as I spoke the name Liahona…and I knew that this was what our bus was to be called. With all of the amazing miracles we were blessed with on that drive, it only reconfirmed that she is indeed “Liahona”.
Liahona, for those of you who are not LDS, is another name for the compass that was found by Lehi and was used by him and his family while they were traveling through the wilderness, after their departure from Jerusalem. The compass wasn’t the type that you or I have today, even a really cool GPS couldn’t compare with this compass. God wrote messages on this compass and told Lehi and his family where to go to get food and to take shelter daily. How awesome is that? The catch was that they had to be living worthily and treating each other with love and kindness….which they didn’t always do. I know, what family doesn’t have their share of issues? Ours does, and I am sure yours does, as well. Lehi’s family was just like any other family, in this respect. Despite the fact that both Lehi and Sariah appeared to be loving and kind parents, they still had a couple of kids that were extremely rebellious, to the point of almost taking their brothers’ lives. Because of this discontent, the compass stopped working on occasion. They wandered without purpose, with a lot of regret during these periods without their compass. A lot of faith had to be exercised during their travels through the wilderness….and it has taken a lot of faith for me to commit to this crazy idea of life change for our family.
Beyond the story of Lehi and his family, the Liahona is symbolic of the compass that Jesus Christ should be in our lives. When we choose to follow Him and embrace this life and all that we have been blessed with, the path is easy to find and follow. When we become bitter, angry, or shallow, the path is easily lost. I am lost quite a bit of the time…I am so weak and full of so many different undesirable characteristics. But I work at being better. I learn to adjust to life and the disappointments and trials that come my way. I know that I have been so blessed to have found such a wonderful partner for eternity and we have 6 precious spirits who we get to help teach and guide through the beginnings of their lives here on this beautiful planet God has created for us.
Aventuras Pura Vida…translates to Pure Life Adventures in Spanish. Pura Vida is a phrase that Costa Ricans have adopted. They use Pura Vida to describe the frame of mind that all is well and, no matter what challenges or hard times come your way, you will be able to float through them. Pura Vida is a way of being, where you accept and love all whom you encounter. Pura Vida is enjoying life, slowly and with a deepness that very few actually allow themselves to experience. I chose this name for our blog not just because we are planning a trip to Central America. I chose this name because there isn’t a worthy translation into English for what I want our family to experience….Aventuras Pura Vida….Pure Life Adventures. I want nothing more than for my husband and kids to be able to flow through all of the trials I know we will encounter, to enjoy life to the fullest, and to learn more about who they are and what their own path in life is. And that is why I chose this name…it is exactly what I want to accomplish through the next year of travels…and beyond.

So, now you know why we are taking our Liahona on our Aventuras Pura Vida…any questions?

Gracias por leer, mi amigos. 🙂
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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