For the past few weeks, I have been in charge of making sure that our house is in the condition it needs to be to sell….repairing, painting, organizing, decluttering, cleaning, etc. I have also been working on preparing for the task of downsizing and letting go of our possessions. This hasn’t been easy for me. I am kind of a pack rat, married to a pack rat. Going through our belongings has blessed us to realize that less is more…and we need to really work on the less part. In the past few weeks, I have gotten rid of a lot of clutter and given away a lot of items that I hadn’t used in a long time. We have been able to make enough money off of some of the items, to help keep us afloat, as we continue to prepare to embark on this crazy adventure. Also, to prepare for living with limited space and means, I have decided to go about living as close as we can to what it will be like in Liahona. This lead me to the splayd…

A couple of months ago, one of my friends told me that she and a few others were going to be starting up a new business….selling splayds. When I asked what splayds were, she told me about these awesome utensils from Australia. She knew of our plans to head out on the road for a few months (this was before we decided to travel for a year or more) and told me that she had thought of us. I told her I would love to try them out and to let me know when they arrived.
When they arrived, my friend and her hubby let us try them out for a few weeks. Boy, did we try them out! We only had a couple of the standard sized splayds and a couple of the mini splayds. This caused quite a bit of splayd envy from the kids without splayds for the meals. I was surprised. At first, I thought that they were just a novelty, and the kids would lose interest. But as the weeks went on, the kids still looked like they might cry when it wasn’t their turn to use the splayd (I just need to add that Alex was not one of the ones who got upset over this…she was too cool to be like that).

Anyone who knows me or my hubby, knows that we are little researchers….always researching and loving every minute of it! Well, we wanted to research these splayds before actually committing to them…..and what better way than to actually use them? We tried all sorts of foods. Just to name a few: our favorite (made from scratch) cream of asparagus soup, ice cream, steak, chicken, spaghetti and other pastas, casseroles galore, cold cereal, hot cereal, pancakes, crepes, salads, etc. We used those splayds so many times these past few weeks…I felt as if they were our very own….and realized that we needed to get some for our very own. I got a hold of our sweet splayd friends…and told them that we TOTALLY wanted some!

They gave us a great deal and for that we are so thankful, so very thankful. Seriously, I don’t think that I have ever enjoyed any sort of dish, utensil, kitchen gadget as much as I adore these little sweeties. I will admit that I had reservations, because of the fact that we usually steer away from any sort of product that multi-functions (dvd/vcrs, washer/dryers, microwave/ovens, etc) and this one claimed to have 3 functions. In fact, I didn’t mention them to anyone, on the off chance that they totally sucked. I didn’t want to have to lie or lose a friend over a silly utensil. Plus, for some strange reason, I had it in my mind that the sides were actually sharpened (to serve the purpose of cutting steak) and that sounded painful. Once I had the loaners here, I got to see that they did, indeed, function quite well. I also got a little chuckle out of my daughter (the same one who forced me to put that she could care less whether or not she got to use the splayds) when she snidely warned Luken (after he got to use the splayds on the first night, instead of her), that he needed to be careful because the sides were sharp and would cut the sides of his mouth. I almost blew the drink, that was in my mouth, out of my nose and all over the table….it made me laugh so hard (but then, I had wondered the same thing). I guess she hadn’t dared to touch the sides to see that they actually aren’t sharp. They are thinned enough to help you to cut softer meats and produce, but definitely not “knife sharp” or serrated.

The only downside I could possibly see with the splayd is that because there is a pronged tip, getting that very last spoonful out of a bowl of ice cream or soup, is sometimes impossible. But, on the flipside, an advantage to having a splayd over a sppon is that the splayd’s sides are flat, which makes for incredible scraping of a plate or bowl when a spoon wouldn’t have done at all. One night, when we were eating ice cream, I did grab a spoon, just to see how much I would be missing out on. I was able to scoop out an additional 1/2 of a spoonful. Not enough to steer me away from the splayd, but I wanted to be completely honest with you on all areas of this “research” we did. πŸ˜‰

The area which I am absolutely thrilled about? When our 14 month old (just turned 14 months today, in fact), got to use his mini splayd, he refused to put that utensil down! I have never seen him use a spoon or fork for longer than a couple of attempts…then it was back to his digits. But not with his mini splayd…he was so proud to be able to dig into today’s bow tie pasta and actually have it reach his hungry little mouth. And it was a delight to share in his accomplishment….all because of a mini splayd and the opportunity to try these new-found treasures out.

This week has brought about a few more experiments to see how we will do with the adjustments of living full time in an RV. I packed up several dishes this past week. Some are going to be sold, some donated, and some stored for when we settle down again. We are going to try out the idea of each of us having our very own dishes, and cleaning them ourselves in between meals. There will still be someone in charge of the cooking dishes and clearing of the table and floors, but everyone will be responsible for their own dishes for now. We also used the dishwasher for the last time last night…at least that is the plan. Today was the first day of trying out our newest experiment. Luken and Ryan washed their dishes for well over 5 minutes each time (which also lead to thoroughly washing the floor with the splashes they left behind) and the other kids were pleased that others will be washing their own dishes on their days to take care of the kitchen. We are now using one cup and one bowl (both color coded) per family member (along with the 8 splayds we now have) and by the end of the week I will have the plates figured out for us to keep track of who hasn’t washed their own plate.
I know that it sounds cheesy to be so excited over such trivial and perhaps even silly happenings, but I AM excited. When you try your first splayd, you will see what I mean…splayd silly and loving every meal of it!! πŸ™‚
Muchas Gracias, Aussie Essentials! We love you guys!
Mrs. C
p.s. If you are interested in trying out your own splayds, feel free to visit the website:
Aussie Essentials has sole distributing rights here in the USA. They would love to set you up! And if you visit their website, make sure you tell them that we sent you…not because we get a cut, just because I want them to feel the love. πŸ™‚

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