Floor Plan #4


Phew! I have been busy with trying to get this house ready to put up for sale. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am kind of a perfectionist. Since we began preparing to put this house up for sale, I have been running and working nonstop. Every day, I look out at Liahona and wish to be out there working instead. I know that it sounds silly, but it is so much fun creating something like an RV. Watching the progress and the dream that I have had for so long now finally coming to be is such a beautiful thing.

But, alas, Liahona waits while I work on getting this house up for sale. We finished up with the front yard and I need to trim a few areas on the side and in the back. All of the house is painted inside and outside (except for a few areas that need to be touched up…already….I guess this is par for the course for 6 kids?). There are only a couple of rooms that still need a TON of de-junking and reorganizing before I will allow potential buyers in here….the playroom and the office. Going through the 2,000+ children’s books we need to box up and store or trade in is what I am going to attempt tomorrow. The hardest part will be deciding which books to leave out for taking with us….there are so many treasures. My tech savvy hubby reminds me that we can get just about any book on our computer, but I love reading out of books more, so I am sure I will be stuffing books wherever I can fit them.

And helping me to sort through our treasures tomorrow will be my lovely assistant, Alex….who just turned 16 today. Happy Birthday, Alex!

This past week I have been going over our floor plans, trying to make sure they are exactly the way we want them to be…before we actually begin the process of building. I spoke with my sweet friend, Dee, who is off travelling the country with her own 6 kids and another mom and her 11 daughters (her new friend has another 14 sons at home with her husband…makes my job look like cake, huh?). I was interested in finding out if she has had any problems with using her washing machine. She told me she loves having a washing machine, and wishes that she had a dryer as well. Then I started thinking about how much laundry we do here at our house…4 boys and a 3 year old tomboy have definitely kept our washing machine busy. I have decided to use the “laundry area” for putting in a stackable RV washer & dryer. I will still purchase the hand powered washer, for using when we are boondocking out in the wild for extended periods of time. But it will be nice to have the option of washing and drying our clothes while we are paying camping fees. This is the stackable unit I found. It will measure around 66.25 ” tall with the stackable accessory, which means it will clear the curve of the wall, with being pulled out about 6 inches from the back (which I have to do with the vent anyways). We were debating on using a stackable vs. a washer/dryer combo (the type that washes and dries in the same machine). I think we are going to go with a stackable because then we can do multiple loads in one night. Also, I read that the clothes that come out of washer/dryer combos still feel slightly damp…I can’t stand that feeling. The sad part about having a stackable unit is that they will take up the space that I was going to use for my traveling herbs…now I either need to find a better suited place for them or give them to a friend and give up on my idea of taking herbs with me. I am going to sell the wooden clothes dryer that I purchased and just use a line for drying when we are hand washing.

Another addition to my newest (and hopefully last) floor plan is the laundry chute out of the bathroom wall and into the closet next to the washer/dryer. We had a laundry chute in our first home and loved it. I think that I will thoroughly enjoy having dirty clothes put into a cupboard that I can open and empty out. We’ll see if that part of the plan works out.

And the other area that I changed around a bit was in the master suite. I was going to just let Alex sleep up front in the dinette area or share a bed with her sister, but I have decided to give her one of the bunks in the bunk room instead. I have decided to create a set of mini bunk beds in the corner where we were going to put Simon’s pack n play. These will be about 2.5 wide and a little over 4 ft long, just big enough for 2 crib mattresses (which are 51 5/8″ x 27 1/4″). The mini bunks will be perfect for the little ones and we can use them as shelves for storage when we don’t have little ones around on our trips someday.

Also, I have been thinking about the fact that we have a desk area where we may not even end up working. After all, we have 2 dinettes up front. When Mr. C or I work, we can sit up to the table and it will probably be more comfortable than a wooden chair up to a desk in the back. Or we can always sit or lay on our bed to work on the computer. At any rate, I am going to change the desk area into a hanging closet. I found these awesome dressers at my neighbor’s yard sale this past week. After I unscrew the legs, I am going to put the longer one on the bottom and the shorter one on top. To the right, I am going to create a closet for hanging our nicer clothes in.

Ever since I was a small girl, I have loved beds that were in alcoves…simply adored them. And as I was looking at the set up of our room, I began to realize that there is a huge opportunity for this. There is already a wall, on the edge of our bed where the drawers and closet are. There is also the edge of the bed that meets up with the mini bunks. I am thinking that we are going to put a wall up on both sides, with storage around the top of the bed and put a fancy piece of wood across the top, so that we kind of have to climb up into our little cave bed and pull the curtain closed for privacy. Hey, it sounds great now. We’ll see if it ever comes to be.

Wish me luck on the organizing of books and toys this week….Liahona is beckoning me to come back and finish what I have started.

Gracias por leer, mi amigos! šŸ™‚

Mrs. C

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