A Change of Plans…


As Mr. C and I have been preparing to get our home up for sale and working on the Liahona (mostly making plans for all of the work we will be doing on the conversion, as we have been paying for items as we go), we have been trying to plan well so that we can make sure our family is safe, happy, financially secure, and that we get the very best experience out of our travels. We have been researching and asking others about their experiences in traveling through Central America, living on the road full time, building a skoolie, starting up a business…etc. etc. This period of time has been an adventure, in and of itself!

When Dee, my friend of nearly 21 years, invited us to join her family on their adventure to drive down and serve in Central America, I knew that I would like nothing else than to do just that, and yet I felt unsure. When she told me of the date she had chosen to leave (October 15th), I didn’t know if we could get everything sorted out and completed by then. I prayed. And prayed. And prayed some more. After I felt sure that we could do it, I committed to going. I convinced Mr. C and he agreed to help me build a skoolie and make plans so that we could serve for 3 months in Central America. We were going to rent out our home while we were gone, then Mr. C said that he would rather just sell our home so we wouldn’t have to deal with rental issues and not being able to pay our mortgage while we were gone in another country (wouldn’t that be a shame after many years of paying on time every month?). Dee, was blessed and found someone who was willing to rent their home from June until February. She jumped at the chance to get out earlier than we had planned on and was even able to borrow money to get her skoolie done quickly (most skoolies take at least a year to complete, but their bus conversion only took around 2 weeks before it was travel worthy…thanks to an amazing husband, Wes, and some very good friends who helped out A LOT). She has been very blessed and has been able to spend the past couple of months out with her family, traveling and enjoying this beautiful country and a lot of the historical sites.

The other night I got a call from Dee. As we were discussing issues surrounding the trip, she brought up a few things that were beyond her control that are going to make it impossible for her family to go down to Central America in October. One of the biggest issues…she thought that she would have someone renting until February, but I guess this has changed and she won’t have anyone after September or October. I told her that we too have issues that would make the trip difficult for us at this point. While we could finish up the bus conversion and sell our home quickly before October, it could lead to unforseen negative consequences like shorter funds and technical issues….yeah, we really don’t need either of those issues while travelling in a foreign country.

While we are sad that our trip with Dee and her family isn’t going to happen as planned, our family still has a dream to serve others in Central America. We are not looking at this as a cancellation, more as a postponing of our trip. We may be driving down in Liahona, we may be flying down, we may be going with Dee and her family, we may be going by ourselves or with another group of people….but one thing is for certain, we are going to Central America to serve others for an extended period of time. Mr. C wants to make sure everything is in order with Liahona if we do take her down there and we will definitely want to avoid hurricane season….so, we will plan accordingly. The latest we plan on heading down to Central America is in the fall of 2011.

Ever since I first visited Costa Rica in 2000, I have wanted to take Mr. C and the kids there (truth be told, if Mr. C would commit to it, I told him I would live there for half of the year). I have wanted to start up a charity in Central/South America for several years now. In fact, when we first committed to doing the 3 month service mission, it seemed like the perfect time to try to start up that charity. Of course, I soon realized that it would be too difficult to try and homeschool 5 kids, work on building a skoolie, prepare a home for selling (then keep it clean enough to show 24 hrs a day), and have Mr. C working 3 jobs, so I let go of the idea of starting up a charity…for now. But once we are on the road, I will have a little bit of time to start looking into doing a charity. Mr. C has always wanted to write books and edit/publish other people’s books. He just finished editing his first book for someone else (yay!) and he is figuring out the best business model for starting up an online editing/publishing website. This next year is going to be exciting and full of adventure….and lots of changes. Change is good and it is always happening, whether you realize it or not. There are a lot of changes that you probably don’t even realize are happening…but they are. And one day, you’ll look back and think about how much everything has changed and wonder…when did this happen? πŸ˜‰

El cambio es bueno.
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C (that would be for Change)

p.s. Will post all about the changes that have been taking place on Liahona tonight after Family Night…so much to get done today. πŸ˜‰

(lego skoolie pictured throughout created by Jamin about 2 months ago…isn’t it just adorable?)

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