Step #6: Painting and Sealing the Inside


Once I power-washed the floors, I realized that I needed to grind out a little bit of rust. So, I used a nifty metal bristle attachment with my grinder and worked on removing rust from the floor. Of course, after grinding, I got to re-wash all of the walls and floor…yeah, way too much fun.

Around this time I also siliconed the outside of the windows, hoping to avoid having any leaks in through them. Before the windows were sealed (and you can’t tell from my amateur picture), there were quite a few areas where water could get in.

After the windows were sealed I gained enough courage to move on to the next step, sealing up the inside.

This is the silicone we used for the outside of the windows, the floors and walls. We used the same type, only in a clear color for the inside of the windows.

Sealing the inside of the windows was easier than the outside, I think because I wasn’t as worried about getting it all over and making a mess and the fact that I didn’t have to use a ladder to get to the windows….

I picked up 2 cans of this discontinued paint from Lowes for $12 (normally $28) per gallon a while ago. I had just the right amount to put 2 coats on the floors and 1 coat on the walls.

Before and after of the walls and floors…so much nicer now. 🙂

Liahona basked in the beauty of her new color treatment…she is pretty with this shade, isn’t she? I kept having to remind myself that, the purpose of the paint, while it may look pretty, is actually to keep water from getting to the metal and to stop any rust that may have already started.

Once the paint was dried (took a couple of days), I siliconed all of the holes in the walls and floor. It took me a few minutes and I was glad to have used the black instead of the clear, as I was walking around a lot and would have hated to have stepped in clear silicone. That could be messy.

I tried to smooth it down, thinking that with more coverage, it would stick better…it probably didn’t matter either way, but the thought of rust starting up in there made me ill….so, I lovingly smoothed the silicone out.

This is the opening in the floor where the rubber hoses full of anti-freeze used to come in from and back out to the radiator. They were cut and removed with the floor heaters a while ago and we will be running the hoses under the bus, when we return the heaters to Liahona. This was such a tight space. I removed all of the other metal lining that protected the hoses that used to run along the bottom of this wall, but I couldn’t do much with this metal panel sticking up out of the floor. I just couldn’t get the screws to drill out or get the grinder in there to grind off their heads. I was stumped, but Mr. C (love that man) suggested cutting down the metal panel in front of the hole with my grinder.

Mr. C’s suggestion inspired me to cut off just enough of the panel to make it the perfect size to bend back over the hole in the floor.

Once we bent it over the hole, we siliconed around the edge and screwed it down into the floor, then siliconed it some more…I feel pretty good about this not having any issues with moisture later on.

The floor is now officially sealed! Yay!

And during the past few weeks, I noticed this spider who kept creating his web over window 7 every day…the kids lovingly named him Spidey….hope he stays till it gets cold. It’s nice to have a pet spider to keep you company while working on a Skoolie.

Gracias por leer, mi amigos.

Pura Vida!

Mrs. C

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