Unaware Donors

Just wanted to share the few free items that I have found over the past couple of weeks…

First I found a door. It is a nice 4 panel door that is white and even in a frame. It measures 24″ x 80″ (obviously we will be cutting the top down to fit inside Liahona). I will be using it for one of the three doors we will have in there. Thanks, Heidi in Fruit Heights, UT!

Then I found a shower base that Rose up in Brighton, UT was giving away for free. We bought an all inclusive shower a few months ago, with the hopes of cutting it down to fit in Liahona. After measuring it, I realized that it was around 36″ wide both ways, and that was without the walls surrounding it. Then, Mr. C and I discussed the fact that if we cut it and then decided not to use it, we wouldn’t be able to resell it. I was SO Stoked to find a free shower base that was smaller. I loaded all 6 of the kids into the mini and drove up to Brighton, about an hour away. I got lost and my cell didn’t have service, so I had to stop at a lodge and get more directions. Anyways, we finally arrived and I really enjoyed chatting with Rose, who claims to have lived in Brighton longer than just about everyone else (although she looked far too young for this to be true). Thanks for the shower base, Rose…I admire your love of the mountains and ability to live there year round. What a woman!

I picked up some Styrofoam and other building supplies from Scott in Farmington, UT. Scott is getting ready to put his (absolutely gorgeous) home up for sale and was just clearing out remnants from some of the work he had recently completed on their home. I am super excited to have more foam for insulating. We still need to insulate around the compartment where the fresh water tank will be going under the bus (just in case we do ever end up somewhere cold), around the generator, and behind some of the areas where we will be whiting out the windows. The wood he gave us will be used for around the edge of walls, flooring, etc. Also, some of the nicer pieces will be used for cupboards. I was so excited to see the long door that will definitely put on the front of the overhead compartment at the far rear of the bus, right above our bed in our little master alcove. Thanks, Scott, and good luck with selling your home! I am sure you will have no problem doing so. 😉

I am a little more leery of people and their motives right now, but I still have to believe that there are good people in the world who genuinely care about helping others out, who give and share, in whatever way possible. If I didn’t believe that…well, the world would just stop turning and that would be a shame, don’t ya think?

Gracias, Amigos!
Mrs. C

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