Step #8: Laying Out the Floor Plan


Yesterday and the two days before, I took every spare moment I found to work on getting the floor plan laid (taped) down. I began by making sure the dinettes were exactly where we wanted them (as they aren’t attached to the floor yet). Then I did a whole lotta measuring and marking…remeasuring and remarking. I really wanted to keep Floor Plan #4, as it would be simpler to do, but in the end, I ended up changing it…one last time…at least that is what I am hoping for. This is Floor Plan #5. The areas that I had to tweak were the bathroom, some of the storage, the bunks, and the master bed.

The bathroom: I had originally wanted to put the shower back away from the kitchen area, thinking that it would give me more room to move around in the kitchen. But in order to have the shower more towards the back, I had to have the piping behind the shower in the wall where the bunks were…not very easy to get to once we have the walls finished, etc. Also, I had to go with an accordion door for the bunk room, due to the 36″ minimum sized shower. I think accordion doors are cute and all, but that wasn’t really what I had wanted. I worried about there being enough room to open the fridge, which was one of the reasons I had put it there in the first place, to save room in the kitchen. Once I began laying everything out, including this awesome shower base that I got this past week, I realized that it would be better to have the shower at the other end, so I moved it.

Bunks: I measured the 4 mattresses that I just purchased from Richard (the same guy who sold us all of the other conversion components we bought back in May). They were all out of a 2006 class A motorhome and have leather/cloth covers on them. We picked them all up for $60. Score! Anyways, they measured 6’2″….a whole 2″ longer than I had planned. So, I could either cut off the 2″ or just add on a couple of inches to the bunks. While I already have to cut 2 of the bunk mattresses down because they are 36″ wide instead of 30″, I also realize that there are people who are taller than Mr. C and I and they may appreciate those extra 2 inches…so I’m keeping the 2″. Yeah, I am such a rebel.

Storage area: After adjusting for the 2 ” on the bunks, I figured out that I would need to move the bathroom forward a few inches. I started asking myself about how attached I was to having a closet there next to the washer/dryer, especially since I would no longer have a laundry chute in that wall. I gave up on keeping that area of storage and moved on.

This is the Master Suite. You can’t see it in this picture, but there is a line about 2.25 inches from the back wall that is where the edge of the master bed frame will go to. I was debating on how to install the bed with the handle that is on the back door. That was when I got curious about the box that the dead bolt goes up against. I got out my drill and opened it up…and it turns out that the box is housing the annoying buzzer that goes off anytime the back door is open when the key is in the ignition. I am definitely going to disconnect the wiring and take the box off of the back, along with the handle. I will have a local locksmith come and install a new deadbolt on the back and….VOILA! I just created an extra 1.5 inches (originally I was going to have to pull the bed frame out 3.75 inches) and I solved our back door lock problem.

I measured for the dressers that I have for the left side and the crib mattresses I have for the right side. It is all really tight, but we are looking good so far. The overhead cupboard on the floor is either going to be cut in half for above the little bunks and the right side of the master alcove or it is going to go above the dinette behind the driver’s seat.

The area around the wheel wells is where the Bunk Room is located. The blue tape at the top and bottom of the bunks represents the wall space. The total space I allotted for the bunks, themselves, is 30.25″ x 6’2″.

Once I got the layout for the bathroom, I couldn’t believe that I had ever had it the other way around…but that is what happens sometimes when you go from paper to reality, right? I brought the wall in a little bit where the vanity is, maybe I will have enough room for a closet, but I doubt it…who knows what this area will become? The door that is between the Kitchen and Bunk Room will swing into the Bunk Room with a left handle, just like the door going into the Master Suite.

I still haven’t decided exactly where the door will be, but it will be in front of the toilet and will swing out towards the Bunk Room. There is a good 14″ between the toilet and the vanity and about 4″ between the toilet and shower. It works.

This is the outline of a washer/dryer unit that we are looking at getting. It measures around 25″ x 25″ and I tried to leave a little bit of room on the sides and about 6″ for the pipes and vent that will be behind it. Also, I added on about 6″ for the wall behind the shower. Perhaps, if there is a little give when all is said and done, I will have enough space next to the washer dryer to store a broom and mop.

This is the kitchen cabinet, which you have already had a peak at. The fridge will sit to the right end. The fridge measures around 24″ deep and 25″ wide. I wasn’t sure how much space I need to leave behind the fridge, so i haven’t taped that area yet, just measured and marked the floor. But, to give you an idea of where it could come out to, the kitchen cabinet is about 25″ deep and the bunks are around 30″ deep, so once all is said and done, we should be okay as long as we don’t need more than about 6″ for venting the coils in the back (the number one cause of fires in campers/trailers is from fridges getting too hot in back.
You can see the overhead cupboards that will go above the kitchen cabinets. They weren’t very well put together…nails and staples….again. Also, they were cut to fit a different curvature, so we will have to cut them to fit Liahona and reinforce them. The bottom of these will be around where you can see the seat numbers on the wall above. I am going to miss those seat numbers, they have made it easier to figure out where things are going, but now I will be able to say, “the window above the kitchen sink…third one in.” I like the sound of that….a lot.
This week’s goals are simple. Find a local electrician, plumber, and someone who knows a lot about RVs to help us figure out those areas better. Also, to get the kitchen cupboard leveled and figure out how to repair window #9, that is nearly falling out of the frame it is in….yeah, it is the culprit for all of the leaking we have seen.
Gracias por leer, mi amigos.
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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