Slow & Steady


Sunday we had our hometeacher come over. He owns a great company that makes trailers and he has dabbled in welding a little bit. As he was preparing to leave, he made the mistake of asking us if there was anything he could help out with….well, I felt prompted to ask him what he thought about helping to weld together some bed frames to reinforce the areas where the holding tanks will be traveling. He said that he would love to. I was actually very surprised. Not because I didn’t think that he was nice enough to help us out, just because it seemed like such a difficult thing to accomplish. He made my day! And of course, with his offer to help us out, I felt revived and ready to get the ball rolling again with finishing up this conversion…

That evening, Mr. C and I spoke in depth about the dilemma of completing the conversion without the funding or the knowledge/skills required to do the plumbing, electrical, and some of the cabinetry. He told me that I would have to just wait until we sold the home and had the funds available to hire someone. (Side note: Well, I just don’t work like that…and luckily Mr. C knows this about me. If I had the money and time to get more educated on the areas that we aren’t proficient in, I would…in a heartbeat. But, that isn’t a possibility and I know it. I will, however, be able to work along side those whom I can find to help us out on Liahona. I want to learn about everything that is going to happen on this beautiful machine we are soon to call home). So, I asked him if he would mind if I found a plumber, electrician, mechanic, and etc. to help me finish the conversion in exchange for some of our assets we have already decided to sell (both now and once the house sells), and he agreed….I think mostly because he thought that no one trades services for assets. He told me that he would support my desire to keep plugging away on the conversion, if I could figure out a way to come up with money for purchasing the supplies on my own. Sometimes I wonder if Mr. C challenges me because he enjoys seeing me figure out ways to accomplish what I have set forth. He was wrong about others not being willing to work with my creative ways of getting this conversion finished up, by the way. Thank goodness.

Monday morning began with me searching for tradesmen willing to trade their service and knowledge for assets….and I found quite a few. I texted the ones that I felt good about and had 4 out of 6 of the fellows I contacted get back to me.

Monday evening, Jenson and his wife, Dani, and their 2 beautiful boys came by to check out Liahona and to see if we could work out a deal…and we did. Jenson is a plumber and has agreed to help us with Liahona in exchange for a few items we will have available once the house sells. He spent close to 2 hours looking her over, and under, and planning our plumbing. I really like Jenson, very honest and knowledgeable…such great characteristics to have. And his wife & kids are so adorable. They patiently waited for him to be done thoroughly explaining to me how he planned to accomplish what we were asking of him. I really love this family. My kids keep asking when they are coming back to visit. 😉 I am sooooo excited to get started this next week on the plumbing!

After spending most of the week working on getting the house ready to put up for sale (have to take a few more pics tomorrow in the morning and then we are finally DOING IT….yay!), I finally got out in the bus today to prep her up for Jenson. I had Mr. C help me pull the holding tanks out of the garage and we fit them in the storage compartments. Well, the gray and black fit, but the fresh water tank is an inch too big in two directions. This week, I am going to have to find someone who can help me cut and weld the tank, possibly the others, if Jenson says they are the wrong dimensions or need different holes cut, etc.

While I already had Mr. C helping me move the holding tanks out of the garage, I asked him to help me move the fridge up into the bus, just to make sure it will fit. It does! Although, I am not sure how far out from the wall it needs to go and how to vent it. I am going to do research on this during the week and also try to locate a local RV fridge repairman who will trade the other fridge (remember they were twins?) for tuning up/helping to install the one we are keeping. And, yes, I am aware that the cabinet makes the fridge look like it is tilting. Actually the cabinet is tiliting because I have it resting on the ledge and still need to put something under the front to bring it up to where it needs to be.

As I was putting items back in the garage, I noticed this awesome cabinet that I had completely forgotten about. I measured it and realized that it might be perfect for inside the bathroom. It was perfect from back to front and side to side, just needed to add a few inches to the dimensions I already had taped out on the floor and in my floor plans. The only problem was that it was a few inches too tall…..easy to fix. So, I persuaded Mr. C to help me move it out and cut it. He must really dread Saturdays…always something the wife wants him to help out with.

We were measuring and cutting this cabinet when my little Ryan came out with her brother’s toy jigsaw. I heard her say, “Look, mommy….mine is just like yours.” I looked over and saw that she had placed her tool right next to mine on the ground….so sweet. Mr. C was patient with me while I ran to grab my camera and snap a shot…just because it was so sweet to see.

And she wanted to saw at the same time as dad, so I let her….just at the opposite end of the cabinet. Like mama, like daughter….loves tools.

Once Mr. C finished helping me to adjust the cabinet and place it in the bathroom, I showed him the water heater I had also managed to find and pull out of the garage. While checking it out and seeing how it will fit under the dinettes, we noticed that it isn’t a 6 gallon, it is a 10.5 gallon. We also saw that it is about .25 inches too tall to fit under the dinette seat without any adjustments. I was surprised to hear Mr. C start rattling on and on about how he would adjust the seat. Almost sounded like he was excited to be adjusting the dinettes to make it so the seat wouldn’t rest directly on the top of the water heater, but I know better…he was just thinking about how much longer of a shower he could take with 10 gallons of hot water heating up for him. I didn’t want to burst his happy shower bubble, but I did remind him that we could only take long showers when we are hooked up to water.

This week, I have all of my work cut out for me. I still need to get underneath and check for the crossbars. Then I will mark the floor where the crossbars are to make sure we can drill holes for the shower and toilet without going through the crossbars (we want to keep the integrity of the floor together). I am going to wait until Jenson is able to drill the hole for the shower and we have it secured before I wall up around the shower for the rest of the plumbing. But, I am going to begin cutting the wood for that wall so that I can install it in between Jenson’s visits to help us out.

There is a lot of work ahead. It will be so nice to have others who are specialized in the areas we need help with, around to help us out. There will be a lot of adjustments, I am sure. There always are, but at least we are moving along. While the progress is slow, it is, none the less, steady….slow and steady is good. Life is good.

Pura Vida, mis amigos…Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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