Step #10: Framing & Windows


This past week has been quite busy….and productive. About a week ago, I got a text in regard to some educational books that I have for sale online. The lady told me of her desperation and asked if there was any way I could come down on the price. To be honest, I would have given them away for free, had I not also been trying to figure out a way to accomplish feats that require cash. I know how desperate I felt when we first began homeschooling and I had absolutely no idea of what I was doing (I still have days where I feel frustrated, but thankfully they are few and far between). She had also asked if I would be willing to trade my books for some yarn or cross stitching items. Once she mentioned trading, I began thinking of items I would like to trade. I called her the next day and asked her if her hubby had any tools he wanted to trade for the books. She told me that he might, as he is a framer. Hmmmmm… you think Jesús would like to trade a little bit of framing for some books? 😀

Mr. C and I met with their family last Sunday and we talked at great length about what we have learned about homeschooling and what we would recommend. I also showed them Liahona and asked Jesús if he could help me to frame up the walls around the bathroom and do some other framing for trade. He said he could.

Jesús and his friend showed up later in the week and framed up around the shower, even cutting and attaching the plywood. I know, I could have done this work myself, but it felt nice to have someone professional showing me how to do it, and giving them something that they needed in return. Jesús and his friend did a great job on the walls. They took out the boards I had already cut, made a base and header for them, then they installed them.

We had some L brackets that we had purchased to help attach the studs to the metal, without any spacers or headers, so we used them to help secure them even more. I really got to see how skilled Jesús was as he measured and cut….it is obvious he has been framing for a while and knows his stuff.

They put the plywood up and soon it was done. The finished product made me smile and inspired me to get going on the rest of the framing. 😀

Because two of the bathroom walls were ready for the shower finish wall, I knew that I would need to get the other wall ready. This meant getting the windows ready to be permanently covered….something I had been putting off for a while.

This is the paint that I used. It is supposed to be great at adhering to just about anything and not easily effected by moisture (part of the reason I was concerned was because of the possibility of having condensation on the windows causing the paint to peel…that would be UGLY and very inconvenient to try and fix).

I painted the window behind the shower and the one that is in between the bath vanity and the end of the bunks (street-side). I applied another coat, later on.

Today, I cut some of my 1/2 inch insulation foam to fit inside the windows. I used two layers on top and one on the bottom.

Sometime this week, I will attach some scavenged 1/2 inch plywood over the window where the shower is going and some wood paneling over the other window. I love the way that the outside looks! I really wanted to keep the school bus-look (although with a shade of pale turquoise and a wooden front door), with all of the windows still intact. I also wanted all of the windows to be uniform from the outside….white. I called Joann Fabric and asked them about shade cloth, which is what we will be using for the back of all of the curtains in Liahona. Shade cloth is used to keep the light out and to help insulate. They had some white shade cloth and I had a 50% off coupon. I bought enough for the kitchen windows and will buy a bit more when I have another coupon and another $10 to spend on fabric.

Today, Jenson was able to get back over and work on the plumbing. While I did insulate around the pipes in the floor and got the ledge cut for installing the wall over the window, I felt bad because I totally dropped the ball on finding someone who could cut and weld the fresh water tank (doesn’t fit in the compartment). Figuring out what we are going to do with the fresh water tank is now my top priority this week. It is imperative, if I want to go any further with the plumbing on this conversion. I need to either buy a new one or get the existing one cut to fit in the undercarriage compartments. I am also going to have to find/buy sinks/faucets for the kitchen/bath. I need to figure out a way to fund the rest of the plumbing supplies and the electrical supplies that are soon to be needed.

Jenson was able to finish up some plumbing while Mr. C and I worked on making sure the dinettes/kitchen cabinet were attached to the walls/floors. We also took the wall in between the washer/dryer and shower out a couple more inches, to accommodate the drain off of the washer, which will also be where the vent for the gray water tank will come up.

We usually don’t have the kids out in Liahona when we have other people working with us, because we don’t want them to get hurt or be in the way. But, since it was Ryan’s 4th birthday…we made an exception and let her hang out with us while we were working out there. Feliz cumpleaños, mi bella mariposa! Te amo!
Earlier this week, I had a local locksmith come by to give me an estimate on installing a deadbolt on the backdoor and a handle/deadbolt on a wooden front door. He said they could, and that the labor (and service fee) would be a total of $135….hmmmmm. I am wondering how difficult it could be to accurately cut a few holes in the steel. I have another guy who can get me a great discount on the locks/knobs, but it still costs more than I have right now. I would like to be able to lock her up, just in case some deranged lunatic, who just happens to be on an RV stripping binge comes across mine….and you know they are out there. But it is obviously not going to be an option right now. So, I will just have to keep that in mind and cross that bridge when I am forced onto it. 😉
I plugged in the fridge a couple of days ago…didn’t come on. We thought that maybe the other fridge had accidentally had the tape (reading “DOESN’T WORK”) put on it….that one didn’t turn on either. After researching and asking around, I am pretty sure that they both have blown a fuse. I asked Jenson what he thought and he said that he has a tool that can figure out which fuse it is (and we are praying that it is as simple as a fuse). Hopefully we will be able to figure it out soon so that we can hook up the fridge and begin framing around it.
I am going to focus on getting as much framing done as possible. I figure that since we already have most of the wood and since the screws shouldn’t cost much more than a few dollars, it will be the best way to spend our time right now. After Jenson left, Mr. C told me that he felt like he could do some framing and help out more….be still, my beating heart. I think he feels more confident after working out there and realizing that it isn’t terribly difficult (and I think he was enjoying himself, I just know that his constant scowl was just for my benefit). When he told me that he was going to help me out this next week with getting as much framing done as possible, well, that just made me feel so loved. I would love nothing more than to work along side my most favorite person in the world….super excited for this week’s adventure. And, it is an adventure, make no mistake. Every day is an adventure when you have a dream and the desire to make it come true.
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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