Water Tank Woes


As I mentioned in my last post, I needed to figure out what to do with the fresh water tank, as it was too big for the compartment it needs to fit into. I began by trying to locate someone who could cut down and weld the plastic back together. I called all over. When I finally located someone who said he could do it, he told me that it would be at least a couple of weeks and cost around $200 to do. Um….no thanks.
The next step was to try and make the metal compartment a tad bigger. I started looking at the compartment underneath the bus, towards the center and realized that it would be a very tight fit…and probably much more hassle than it’s worth.
At this point, I started thinking that it might be easier to just buy a new tank. I looked online at Plasticmart and found this tank. It would fit perfectly, it would be new, and we could even decide where we would want the fittings cut (something I know Jenson would thank me for). I called them and asked about the pricing and the shipping. Turns out, for this tank, it would run around $500 after s & h…well, it was a thought.
Determined to have a water tank for Jenson to hook up to when he comes back to finish up the plumbing, I began looking online for a local used tank. I found a few that were listed. I started wondering how many gallons they each were. Some only listed dimensions and some only listed gallons. And some that listed the same dimensions, were completely different in their measurements. I googled online and found some great online calculations. I found out that, once you multiply all of the dimensions (figuring out the volume in inches), you can then divide by approximately 231 and get the amount of gallons you have. If you wanted to find out how much that water would weigh (and this is at around 4 degrees Celsius), you would multiply the gallons by 8.5. I know, I am kind of a nerd….there is a reason I married a walking encyclopedia. As much as I love watching my man work with tools, I am even more turned on when he gets really excited about sharing his vast knowledge on something completely random like the sleep cycles of the nocturnal bats of Ancient Africa (I’m not sure if there are any ancient bats, but if there are, it is something Mr. C would totally know about…love my nerd).
Around this time, I traveled about 45 minutes away to Guy’s RV Parts (really, Guy is just a guy who parts out RVs and makes a living off of reselling what he pulls). He had quite a few tanks to choose from. I looked for the biggest one and found one that was 63x22x9. I was thinking that because it was so much smaller 2 out of the 3 dimensions, I could easily shimmy it in through the opening of the storage compartments (which is only 46x 21). I brought it all the way home, and realized that it will not fit. Hey, I said I was a NERD, not an engineer. Luckily, Guy told me that if it didn’t fit, I could come back down and exchange it for another tank. I measured and made sure that this next one would fit perfectly within the opening. Unfortunately, the largest I could find, without having it be too big, was 35x23x13.
Tank #1 (the tank I already had)
48x28x19 110 gallons 940 lbs
Tank #2 (the first tank I bought from Guy)
63x22x9 54 gallons 459 lbs
Tank #3 (2nd one from Guy, after returning Tank #2)
35x23x13 45 gallons 385 lbs
Okay. So, did the numbers of the original tank catch your eye like they did mine? 940 POUNDS!?! That seems like a ton of weight to be putting on one side of Liahona. It would kind of be like being pregnant out to the side…so not nice to do that to my girl. So, while I was super bummed about not being able to have 110 gallons of water available to me while we are boondocking, I am also realizing that 940 lbs. may have been a lot of weight to carry, especially since we are planning on boxing in the other end of that same compartment for the generator, which will weigh quite a bit. Even if we get a new one that is light weight…it will still be a couple hundred pounds, I am sure.
I am still woeful that we are losing around 65 gallons of water. I have racked my brain trying to figure out a way to do it. Still not wanting to commit to the 45 gallon tank. Still not wanting to give up on the 110 gallon tank, even though the thought of carrying around that much weight makes me think twice. Oh, the Water Tank Woes. 😦
Lamentable me,
Mrs. C

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