Floor Plan #6 & Electrical Plans


This past week was very unproductive…I’m not going to go into details, because my issues are so piddly really, compared to others trials in life. I will say that I am short on cash and help. I put mypiano up for sale. Some guys have their motorcycles or boats…some have game systems or tools. I am not sure what other ladies have, but for me, it is my piano. I was super bummed to have to do it, and I am sure I won’t get what I am asking for, due to the awesome economy we are dealing with right now. For me, this is my greatest monetary sacrifice, only because of the amount of joy it has brought me through the years. I have spent many, many hours pounding out my feelings into songs that only my family and a few close friends have had to endure…yeah, they must love me. I told Mr. C that I would rather give up my minivan over my piano…he thought I was kidding and laughed. I just laughed, too, as I knew it was funny to be so attached to a stinking musical instrument. He assures me that we can buy another piano when we return to the non-nomadic life again. Still, I am sad to have to sell it before we sell the house, as I will be forced to look at that empty spot every day in the meantime. But, if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. After all, I really would like to actually get the conversion finished sometime in this lifetime. And, I knew that it would require a bit of sacrificing of time, energy, and….money. Didn’t I?

This week was cold and wet. Between that and both Mr. C and I being very busy with other matters, not a whole lot was accomplished. Mr. C rinsed out the gray and black tank…then realized that we can’t rinse out the filthy fresh water tank I just bought…looks like I need to get a different one….again.

Mr. C and I had a chance to get a good look at the overhead cupboards that we were hoping to just cut out a bit of the back (they came from another bus conversion) to fit above the kitchen cabinets and dinettes. Unless we want the cupboards to jut out about 2 feet from the wall, which we obviously don’t, we won’t be able to use the doors or the frames. The frames are too narrow and the doors/front too tall. We can use the hardware and perhaps cut down the doors, etc….we’ll see. I really wish I knew of someone who did cabinetry work who could give me the lowdown on what needs to be done. As it is, I am searching the internet like a mad woman, trying to find out what I can.

Needless to say, we didn’t get any framing done. Jesús may be able to help later this week, but that isn’t for sure. I was hoping for more of his awesome carpentry skills to help us to get the framing completed, but I understand that he and his family will be busy because they are planning on moving out of state in the next week or two.

I did get a chance to draw up Floor Plan #6 and my 1st Electrical Layout. I am sure that I will have to revise the electrical layout, but I have to start somewhere.

I even enjoyed coloring a copy of my final floor plan…

By the end of this week there will be a lot more to write about. I have a cabinet guy, Todd, coming by Saturday morning to help me put my cherry wood laminate on the countertops of the kitchen and bathroom. He knows his stuff…been doing cabinets and countertops for a very long time. I also have Jenson coming by Saturday morning to finish up what he can with the plumbing. In the meantime, I am trying to take care of my household and figure out a way to come up with the cash I need for the sinks, the water tank, and etc…..anyone want to buy a piano? 😉
Mrs. C
(That C would be for Cashpoor)

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