The Fridge Works!


The laminate guy was unable to help us this weekend, so we began figuring out what else we could work on in the meantime (as if there isn’t a million and one things, right?). One of the issues I have been dealing with for the past couple of months is the dilemma of how and when to install the fridge, in regards to the rest of the phases of construction. I have been reading up on how to install the fridge, and what to plan for. I have asked others. As a last effort, I put the other (non-working) fridge up for sale online a couple of weeks ago, with the offer of giving the non-working fridge to someone who could help us to tune-up and install our working fridge. I didn’t get any response to the ad.

Finally, Mr. C and I realized that we just needed to take the bull by the horns…or is it the fridge by the coils? Anyways, we were in Liahona on Saturday afternoon, with the fridge pulled out, removing the fuses and trying to find out where to purchase new ones from. I left for a moment and came back out to Liahona to find my cell phone blinking. I had a voice mail from a fellow named Logan who said he was coming down from Idaho today and wanted to know if he could pick up our non-working fridge and help us get the other one figured out….WOW!

I know that you probably get tired of hearing about my “amazing” stories of answers to prayers, but this was one of those moments. I know that my Father heard my silent prayer for help to figure out that silly fridge. I know that he saw us there toiling over it. I know that Logan called at the perfect moment, before we wasted hours trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. Why would we have spent hours working on it? Well, for one thing, we didn’t know that it needed to be plugged into the battery AND an outlet to start up. Yeah, we are learning new things every time we invite someone to help with the conversion. I love it! 🙂

Needless to say, I called Logan back and told him we would LOVE for him to stop by. He said he could in a couple of hours. It was raining that day, so we didn’t feel much like running in and out, cutting up framing studs. Instead, I started disassembling the cupboards that were too tall and deep for using. We are hoping to turn the doors sideways and build framing for them for our overhead cupboards. But that’s a completely different post for another day….

Logan arrived. He told us that he could help us to make sure that it was running and everything checked out okay. He could also show and tell us how to cut the vents and insulate it. He would be able to help us out a bit, but couldn’t actually install it for us, as he didn’t have the time. I told him that we would love that and asked him how much would he want the other fridge for, with his help as part of the deal. He gave us his price, which was reasonable, and began working his magic. He had us cut up an extension cord to connect to the battery to make sure it was functioning properly. After a little while, we had it on and it was definitely getting cold. Yay!

Logan showed us where we would need to cut the lower access door and the upper vent. He also explained how to insulate the fridge and where to place it so that it wouldn’t have the fire hazard that other fridges tend to have. I asked him about attaching a fan to help to get the hot air out of the area behind the fridge, and he showed us where to hook it up to the back of the fridge (I guess it is already wired for a fan).
By the time Logan left, I was feeling so much peace about installing that beautiful fridge. I am always amazed at how wonderful a little help and advice can be when I am frustrated…and completely lost. So glad to have people like Logan in the world. After all, we are all here to help eachother out and learn more. Thanks, Logan! You made our day…and so many more to come. We also know who to call if we ever do have any issues with our appliances. Best of luck to you and your dad with Red-line Refrigeration RV Appliance Sales & Service!
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C
(that C would be for Cool…which is always good inside your fridge)

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