Habitat For Humanity Restore


I had such high hopes for this past weekend. Wednesday, the 3 youngest children got sick, Thursday I got sick. Then, to top it all off, Saturday evening Mr. C got sicker than a dog. Our Awesome, Productive 4 Day Weekend soon became 4 Days of Misery and Fatigue. I was really sad during that time, constantly thinking about how much I could have gotten done had I the energy to move. The silver lining (there is always a silver lining somewhere) was that on Saturday, before Mr. C became incapacitated, he took me to the Habitat for Humanity Restore in SLC to look at cupboard doors, hardware, and etc. That man sure knows how to cheer me up! 🙂

We were just there to see if they had what we need and get an idea of what it would cost us, for future reference. But….I found 5 cupboard doors, all new-looking and the perfect size for the overhead cabinets we will be building, each of them for $1 a piece. Then I found a couple more tall doors that will be great for closets (I am hoping to use them in the Master Suite, but together they may be too wide…have to get the file cabinets and walls up first to see), also $1 each. All of the doors already holed for concealed hinges. I rummaged through their hardware and found concealed hinges, 10 cents each. The lowest price I had found online was $2 a piece for those puppies. We got 16 of them for $1.60. Score! 😀

Then I asked about the door knobs they had in buckets. I got all googly eyed when they told me they were $1 a piece. WOW. To buy a new standard door knob would cost us $6-$10 easily, and that would be for the low-end knobs. I found these 5 matching antique-looking knobs. They are porcelain and brushed nickel. I absolutely ADORE them! Originally I had only planned on having 3 doors in Liahona, but I may end up using one of the (3) 20″ doors I bought a couple of weeks ago (each of them for $7 each) for our closet door in the Master Suite, if the 2 $1 doors are too wide for that opening. Or I will have a couple of extra knobs just in case…not that we have ever damaged a door knob here before. At any rate, I now have 5 knobs for $5 and they look like new.

For 7 doors with hinges and 5 door knobs we spent $13 (yeah, they even knocked off the .60 and made it an even $13). It is always fun to visit someplace that takes unwanted items and makes them available to someone like me who doesn’t care if another person’s germs were on them at one point. It felt great to donate to the Restore a few months ago. We had some outdated doors, some cabinets we were unable to reuse in the bus, and etc. The bottom line? Everyone should visit their local Restore, to give what you no longer need or to find what you are in need of. I love recycling! 😉

Reciclaje Feliz!

Mrs. C

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