Gifts for Liahona


I was so excited to actually get my Thankful Thursday posted on a Thursday (instead of on a Forgetful Friday) that I forgot to post what we got Liahona for Christmas. We were short on cash this year, but we wanted to get a couple of useful items. We will be using both of them in our home before we leave, but we specifically bought them so that they can be used in Liahona once we head out. We found this little shop vac, that will fit nicely under one of the cabinets/dinette seats (to use both during construction and once we are finally mobile).

We also decided to get a dish drainer and mat to help out with all of the dish-washing that is now going on at our house. Mr. C’s parents have one of these and they use it religiously. I have never actually used one, so it will take some getting used to, but I am excited to have Mr. C show me how this weekend (I know, I am lame….and I am sure someone, somewhere, is laughing at the fact that I have never used one of these….ha.ha.ha. :P).

We are going to have a lot of fun tonight as a family, watching one of our family’s favorite movies, What About Bob?, and playing one of my own family’s favorite games, Nertz . We have also decided to start a new tradition of eating this super yummy white chili on New Year’s Eve. We already have the tradition of snacking on an assortment of cheeses, summer sausage, crackers, veggies, fruits, etc., but the chili will be a first this year. As for activities? I would like to start up the tradition of going sledding. It is really cold outside (around 11 degrees F right now), and I loathe the cold, so Mr. C is teasing me that I won’t actually make it out to sled. I may have to do it, just for his sake. 😉 We used to go bowling on New Year’s Day when I was younger. I wonder what everyone else does on New Year’s Day? Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating and that you are able to start the New Year off right……with those you love. 🙂

Feliz año nuevo!
Mrs. C

(p.s. the bottom 3 pictures aren’t mine, especially the soup…it would have been eaten with a splayd )

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