Liahona’s Deep Slumber


The last few weeks here in Utah have been pretty cold! I’m sure that for some folks around the world, 11 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of the day seems trite, but for me, it has been absolute torture!

We haven’t had any funds to do much more on the Liahona as far as the plumbing goes. We sold my piano, but ended up needing to pay bills and buy the kids a few gifts for Christmas (I know, so lame…I tried to convince Mr. C that we really needed to spend that money on Liahona, but he said something about being re…responsible? At least, I think that’s what he said.)

I do have plenty of wood and screws, so I plan on starting back up with the building of furniture and cabinets….once I can bear the cold and convince Mr. C to join me, of course.

And I did plug in Liahona (she’s a diesel, and they don’t like to be cold when you go to start ’em up). I even ventured outside today, to start her up…she purred like a kitten. 😉

I had a couple of sweet friends loan me their space heaters…as soon as I am feeling better, I am going to have to put them out there and see if the warmth and some good music will lure me out of my cozy house…to become obsessed with finishing her up once more. Until then, Liahona is in a deep slumber.
Mrs. C (that would be for Cold….brrrrr!)

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