Our First Cabinet

It took us a few days to finally complete it, but we have now installed our first homemade cabinet. I am so proud. I convinced Mr. C to spend more time out in the bus, despite his better judgement. We even had Alex’s boyfriend, Mitch, come out to help us. Once the boys got the bottom of the cabinet attached, they got a little distracted…

Thanks, boys! I can’t wait until we have a nice flatscreen tv up there someday…not too far away.

I used some cardboard to try and figure out a template for the sides of the cabinet.
They turned out okay. I was so happy to have Mr. C out there helping me. We finished up what we could before it got too dark and cold (it was snowing that day….brrrrrrr!).

It was pretty good progress, considering we had absolutely no idea what we were doing.
We cut the front out of some 5 layer veneer I scored for next to nothing a while back. I know (after watching so many videos on cabinet-making) that we were supposed to use some 2x1s to make the fronts, but since we don’t have a nail gun to use right now and we are pretty much working around the doors we have been collecting, we decided to use the nice plywood we have instead, screwing everything together.
We already had the door figured out and measured about 1/2″ in from there, except for where the hinges are attached (at the top), which we went in 3/4″ for.
I’m sure that there is an easier way than the way we did it, so this is just to show you how silly our version of building a cabinet was. I know that a circular saw would have been easier, but our circular saw blew it’s motor on the first day of building cabinets. We borrowed our neighbor’s saw, but we still ended up using the jigsaw to cut out the hole in the front/face.
We sanded around the edges.
We put a brace across the bottom front, glued and screwed it as best we could, then let it dry overnight. We also put a couple of braces across the middle, for added support, and connected the sides to the bus with some L brackets.

Today, I cut a piece for the front top and connected it to the sides and to the top brace with some L brackets.
Then I had Jamin help me attach the hinges and door to the front.
I was kind of bummed that I couldn’t get the center hinge to work with the other two. For some reason it would teeter back and forth. I attempted sawing/sanding down the center, but it still didn’t make a difference. Oh, well….hopefully it is okay with only 2 hinges.
Then we detached the door (thank goodness, it would have been too heavy for the boys to try and hold up while I was trying to attach it through the inside of the cupboard). It took me quite some time to do this part. Not because it was hard, just because I have very little upper body strength and it was a pain in the neck (literally) to get inside and screw back towards myself.
But I did complete it…finally. And once we reattached the door, it made me feel very accomplished….despite the fact that I still have so much more work to do on this conversion.
Once we are done with all of the kitchen cabinets, we will apply some trim around the edges and some pretty veneer on the sides and underneath. Still haven’t decided if I want to go with multi-colored stained or painted doors/fronts or paint it all white and antique/distress it…so many decisions. For now, I will just focus on getting the cabinets built.

What a fun week I have ahead of me. 🙂
Pura Vida!

Mrs. C

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