UT Adventures: Bingham Canyon Copper Mine

As Mr. C and I have been discussing where we want to visit, once we begin this adventure, we have been realizing that there are still so many destinations that we haven’t seen before or visited in years, right here in Utah. So, for the next couple of months (as we are finishing up our bus conversion and *crossing fingers* selling our home), we are going on many adventures right here.


Our first stop in our Utah Adventure was to The Bingham Canyon Copper Mine. None of us has ever been out there before, so that was especially exciting. The kids all enjoyed hearing the story of how the above-ground mine functions and seeing all of the items that copper is used for. Did you know that this crater is one of the few man-made items that is visible from space? How awesome is that?


This is the pit. It may not look that deep…


…the trucks look so small from way up here…


…but this is one of the 6 tires on those little trucks they use to haul away the rock….yeah, not so tiny, after all.


We met up with our friends, the Martins, who have 5 boys (which our boys absolutely loved). It was fun to share the adventure with another family and to get the low-down on life on the road, from a FOTR. For more of the Martin’s adventures, you can follow them on their blog, Napkin Dreams. They have been out on the road for 6 months now and have quite the adventure planned ahead of them.


The kids enjoyed the museum, there was a lot to see.


The film that gives a brief history and a overlook of what Kennecott plans on doing in the near future, lasted around 17 minutes….all of which Simon spent outside wandering around with Mr. C. We didn’t have enough time, this field trip, to finish up all of the requirements for the Cub Scout patches, but we’re going to plan another day when we can go out there and work on answering the questions with the older 2 boys. Can’t wait! đŸ™‚



Mrs. C

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