Step #14: The Mini Bunks

This week I set out to finish up the mini bunks…with much success. Ethan and Jamin took turns helping me out in the bus, rotating shifts taking care of Houdini (that’s Simon’s new nickname, ever since he jumped out of his window which is 6 ft up…only to attempt it again 15 minutes later….I wouldn’t have believed that he had actually done it the first time, had I not come into his room and seen him calmly hanging outside of his window…but that’s another story completely). We reinforced the studs, mostly in the areas where we would be screwing our bed frame supports into.

I put up a very thin piece of beautiful wood for the wall and began the upper cabinet.
Then, I found another beautiful piece of thin wood paneling for the bus wall. I enlisted Ethan’s muscles to help me in installing this part.
Lukie wanted to help out, so I gave him the coveted job of vacuuming up dust….yeah, it’s exciting. πŸ˜‰

Then I installed another thin piece of paneling on the floor, only because it bothered me that he would be sleeping on the sub-floor and I wanted it to look nice. I guess beneath all of the handyman-wannabe in me, there is still a lady needing to keep things nice and pretty. πŸ˜‰

I decided to try the normal procedure of creating a cabinet face this time, as we are running low on the nicer plywood. I found a few pieces from the cabinet, which we now have above our kitchen counter top, that were almost exactly the dimensions of this cabinet. I had to cut the sides down and drill out holes for some dowels, etc. But it was actually quite easy. I am definitely having fun learning about how to build cabinets, despite how reeediculous some of them end up looking. Hey, they are super sturdy and functional. What more could we want?

Once I finished the upper cabinet, I began working on the upper bunk. I cut and attached the reclaimed oak pieces for the support. Then I cut a piece of 1/2″ plywood for the base and screwed it into the supports.

I added this beautiful lip to help keep the mattress from slipping off. Ethan wanted me to let you all know that he found this piece of wood out in the bottom of our wood pile….it was one of the pieces that was given to us by Matthew last year. It turned out quite nice.

Recognize the beautiful pieces along the edges? They were two of the pieces we removed from the headboard in our master alcove last week. I just had to remove a few staples and cut off around 3″ on the bottom and VOILA!, we now have a pretty little area where once there was none. Ethan also found the piece of wood that we’ll use to keep the bottom mattress in place. I cut the edges with the jigsaw to help it to fit nicely up against the decorative pieces and used quite a few L brackets to keep it in place and reinforce it.

I have to say that I am pretty proud of this area….it turned out better than I had hoped. I still have a little bit of finish work to do, but it is done for the most part. It was funny that it all ended up kind of coordinated, as well.
The Master Suite is coming along nicely. I wanted to make sure that the bunks have many functional options, when the little ones no longer fit in them, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they are the perfect dimensions for future storage of some of the containers we have…just in case you were wondering. Another pleasant discovery, it turned out that Simon has 19″ and Ryan has 21″ from rump to head. They will both be quite comfortable, as they will have approximately 21″-26″ of room to sit in (and that’s after subtracting the 4″ for the mattresses). I brought out the two toddler mattresses we have, just to make sure they would work in the nooks I created for them….I would have left them out here, but I could totally see my little ones sneaking in here all day long, just to lie down in their new beds.
Ryan brought me a beautiful bouquet of roses (she has been faithfully picking them off of our trellis all week long).

I had to take a picture of her make-shift vase, an empty, discarded bubble bottle….she is definitely my little girl. πŸ˜‰

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