UT Adventures: Utah Arts Festival 2011


Last year was our family’s first time to the Utah Arts Festival….and we are hooked! I used to go every year before I was married. I didn’t realize that kids got in for free, otherwise I would have made sure we were going before now. Thanks to a couple of completely awesome friends, who must really love me, we have been able to go both years with free admission. What a treat! πŸ™‚

If you missed it this year, plan on heading down to Salt Lake City next June for this weekend of fun. You’ll thank me for the experience. We learned last year, that the kids’ area is a big hit and well worth spending an hour in with the kids. They have quite a few booths set up with free activities and arts & crafts for the kids.

We let the kids try out the musical instruments they had there. Luken, who has been begging for piano lessons for quite a while now, really enjoyed playing the viola….

…and the trumpet. The musical mentors really enjoyed Luken, as you can see from their blissful faces. That kid has really got some spunk!

Jamin decided that the cello is definitely his instrument.

Ryan was thrilled to be able to glue and create quite a few crafts…

…and Alex forced herself to go along and pretend to enjoy all of the crafts, as well. What a sport! πŸ˜‰

Luken made an awesome pinwheel, and it actually worked.

Once the kids had all had a fun time with crafts, I left Mr. C with the 3 younger kids in the toddler area, while I took the older 3 kids around to look at the different art exhibits.

They had fun…the toddler area was very well-stocked with everything a toddler could possibly desire for playtime.

This dragon was beautiful. I got a head shot, only because I collect photos of dragons around the world for my Dragen (Mr. C).

One of the crafts that the kids had an opportunity to create was a set of scales for his tail.

So colorful! I am sure that by the last day of the Arts Festival, he was completely covered in many children’s creativity.

This year, there were a lot of unique knitted items around. This bike was my favorite. It was hard to resist not hopping on and taking it for a spin around the block.

And this knit kar was super cute, as well….I am always amazed at what artists can come up with.

And this fellow, who seemed to be everywhere we traveled, looked like he had popped out of a James C. Christensen painting. Lovely.

We attempted to get a photo with all 6 of the kids….until Simon poked his head out of his stroller and glanced over at our whimsical friend….and started squealing as loudly as I have ever heard him squeal. Apparently, he wasn’t as excited as I was to see him. Alex is trying to muffle her laughter, as we all were a little bit surprised at his continual screams, as I attempted to capture the other children with him. Poor traumatized Simon….what we put that little boy through.

While I was taking a tour of the exhibits with the older kids, I came across a few pieces that I fell head over heals for. Kathy Ross (3D) was one of my favorites! I have a thing for maps, collages, and anything colorful and bright…..her art was all of this and more.

She does some beautiful work with decoupage.

Jamin, whose fingernails obviously made it past any sort of inspection for cleanliness, loved this book with lots of pictures of pirate ships.

This image must be what I must look like on most days, I know it’s how I feel….totally crazy (and it all has something to do with a desire to travel).

But this is the piece of Kathy’s art that I hope to be able to purchase at some point, the World Traveler, with her 6 little world travelers neatly tucked into the pockets of her dress. Kathy told me that she usually only does 5 pockets, but she would make an exception for me (since I have 6 little ones to carry with me). We all really enjoyed conversation with Kathy and getting to know all of her little creations. What fun!

Jamin, who is one of my most artistic children, loved all of the metal art last year….and was happy to see even more of it this year. These goats, along with the other metal animals we saw, were quite entertaining.

Apparently, they were very hungry goats. πŸ˜‰

I know that I will eventually have to get some of these little guys, who break apart pink flamingos and capture garden gnomes….just for my Jamin. πŸ˜‰

This was Jamin’s favorite display this year. He is really into war and vehicles right now, so I wasn’t surprised. These were done by Fred Conlon (Sugarpost).

Mr. C and I decided to come back another evening, minus the kids….and I was so happy that we chose to do this. This was one of my favorite displays this year, put together by Robert & Faye Boyce (Shooting Star), out of Pheonix, AZ. I was mesmerized by the large marble that seems to be moving up or down, but never actually goes anywhere….yeah, it doesn’t take much to keep me entertained for an evening. I spent around $20 and bought one of his least expensive whirly copper creations, which I plan on hanging in the bus, once we leave.

The thing that amazed me the most about Robert Boyce’s work, was the fact that all of the colors in the copper comes from the different temperatures of his torch….no dyes or paints or stains….all heat. WOW. I want this heart, once I have more money for art.

There were many other artists who I didn’t get any photos of, such as Cat Napier (if you love pen and ink, as I do, you will become entranced by her work). Some of my favorite photographers, some of which are local, were: Chuck Siefert Jr. (Nature’s Light Photography) out of Las Vegas, NV, Bret Webster (Bret Webster Images) out of Bountiful, UT, and Rick Pieros (Rick Pieros Photography) out of Park City, UT (his book on Park City, Past and Present is exceptionally well done). There were so many more, but I am going to leave it up to you to discover them all for yourselves….next year.

It was such an inspiring couple of nights. And, perhaps the most beautiful exhibit we encountered at the Utah Arts Festival was this sunset. As we were leaving, on the first evening with the kids, Mr. C and I both commented on the splendid sky that God had painted for us. We were reminded of what a great gift it is, a different palette every evening…never the same sunset more than once. God is good.

Pura Vida!

Mrs. C (Colorfully, Creatively Crazy…. πŸ™‚

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