UT Adventures: Sweet’s Candy Factory


One of my most favorite friends, Dalene, asked us if we wanted to join her and her children on a tour of the Sweet’s Candy Factory down in Salt Lake City. Well, of course! Because the tours were only available Monday-Thursday, Mr. C was unable to join us. We left Simon home with Alex, as the time was right in the middle of his nap. When we arrived at the factory, we had to leave all of our cameras, phones, bags, and purses at the front. We also had to remove all of our jewelry and put it in our pockets. Most people would be really worried about this, but I was excited….I actually believed we would get to make some candy or something (I was mistaken, so don’t get your hopes up).

We watched a short film on the development of the company. Then we put on our hairnets and began our tour. We went into the warehouse, which houses between 3-5 million tons (TONS, that isn’t a typo) of candy and is kept at a constant temp of 68*. We got to go to the edge of several rooms where different candies are made. We each got a piece of salt water taffy for free. Yay!

As we were finishing our tour, we passed this lady who appeared to be carrying a strange package…had I been able to take my camera in, I would have taken a picture. This dog was wrapped in 3-4 hairnets and was going on the tour. I guess you have to be a true dog lover to do something like that. I, personally, would have told this couple that we didn’t allow dogs on the tour, but I guess the lady at the front counter didn’t know how to respond when she and her husband told her that they didn’t have any place to leave the dog. I am sure that a lot of my FOTR friends who have pets have ran into this problem, and I shouldn’t complain. I just found it extremely ironic that I had to remove my wedding ring, despite the fact that I never even came close to where they were making candy, and yet a dog (which has more of an ability to make a mess than my wedding ring ever has) was allowed in.

The tour lasted for around 1/2 hour and we ended up in the candy shop, where I let the kids pick out about 3 lbs of taffy to take home. I sure wish I would have gotten more of the eggnog and cherry cola….they were extremely delicious. This tour definitely did nothing for my goal to get back off sugar again…so naughty.
If you are ever curious as to what the inside of a candy factory looks like and are in the SLC area, make sure you call and set up an appointment to go on a tour here….it’s SWEET! 😉
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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