UT Adventures: Clark Planetarium


This is our 3rd year of buying an annual membership to the Clark Planetarium , here in Salt Lake City. The first year, we were delighted to be able to have gone around a dozen times, when our membership cost us the same as going 3x. Also, that year we learned that we could go to several different participating science museums around the USA….for free (with our membership). When we were out in Palmyra, NY, a few years ago, we visited the Rochester Museum & Science Center. What would have cost our family over $100 for entrance, cost us $0, with our memberships. We saw the movie, Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey, for free. We even got to take in my sister for free, even though we tried to pay for her.

We try to get to the Clark Planetarium, at least once a month. I took Mr. C there to see a Led Zeppelin cosmic light show (for free…are you sick of me telling you about the freedoms of having a membership, yet?). We love the I-Max theatre and have yet to be disappointed by the movies we’ve seen there. This week, we saw the movie, Born to be Wild. I believe it is the best 3D film I have seen there.

The best part of the movie experience, the movies are only 40 minutes long. It has been proven that young children stop listening around 30 minutes into an educational movie, so I think it is the perfect length for a movie. I was thrilled to have Simon actually keep his glasses on and sit in his seat for the first 30 minutes. It was the first time, ever! It was hysterical, seeing him reach out to touch the branches of the forest or lunge back in his chair when a ball flew our way. I think that having your youngest able to sit through a movie for the duration is such an awesome milestone. 🙂

Even though the science displays never change, my kids never grow tired of checking them out. The boys, especially Ethan, love to look at the rocks.

Nothing like sitting on the moon…

Simon really enjoyed this creative contraption.

He turned the wheel, over, and over, and over, and over again.

The boys enjoy watching the pendulum, as it rocks across the world.

But, I have to admit, the most exciting part of our adventures to the Clark Planetarium, is when we spend time in the gift shop.

I noticed that they have an entire display of an assortment of different balls, all sorts of colors and sizes…what kid doesn’t enjoy an age-old toy like the ball?

And, of course, there are several cool light-up toys, to keep the kids entertained for hours.

They have movies you can purchase, including previously-shown I-Max 3D movies. They have just about every type of scientific experiment, toy, science poster, etc. that you can imagine. They even have some interesting options of food. And, yes, I talked Jamin out of buying the worms (they were much too expensive;).
If you haven’t checked into your local science museum, you really should. If you are in UT and haven’t been in to see the Clark Planetarium, you must!
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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