Curtains, Tables, and Cushions

This is the first time I have sat down on the computer in a very long while….I have been very busy, though. We have been extremely low on funds (as in, there is absolutely no money to spend on Liahona) and so I have been using my time to do what I can with what I already have purchased. I had A LOT of Batik fabric, some of which I purchased over 15 years ago….all of it just waiting to be turned into vibrant patchwork curtains for the kitchen & dining area of Liahona. While the kids and I were watching all of our documentaries on the beginning of our country (July and August ended up being an International Study of the USA), I methodically traced my template and cut out my squares. There is a lot of George, John, Thomas, and even a little Abraham in these squares. It was a rather fun way to multi-task! 🙂
Laying out the squares and configuring my designs was very therapeutic.

Once I had them all choreographed into there neat little bundles, I found a sweet friend who allowed me to spend the good part of a day serging my patches in her home….what a blessing to have such good friends!

Voila! The most difficult part is done and they are all ready to be sewn to the shade cloth I have.

I finally located the cabinet guy who has been avoiding my calls and making me feel like a deranged ex-girlfriend, constantly stalking him. I ended up calling him at home, what a surprise that was for him! Wish I could have seen his face. 😉

I went and picked up my laminate that he had taken way back in October, when he promised to make me 2 tables really soon. The laminate was in a shop that he no longer worked out of (and after speaking with the shop owner, I started to worry that he would ever finish the job). I made him promise me that he would finish them in the next week. I drove the laminate up to Ogden, about 1/2 hour drive one way. When I got there, he informed me that he didn’t have any press board and wouldn’t for a few more days. I told him that I had press board and went home to fetch it….another hour of driving. I returned and asked him when it would be completed. He told me by the end of the day. I asked him to please cut me a couple of pieces of the laminate for the front of my fridge, if there was enough left over of the 2 partial sheets. I called him a couple of times during the day, just to remind him that I was expecting it to be done very soon. I hated to do it. I knew that he was probably using every single cuss word a man can come up with to describe a pesky, persistent female….and I could have cared less.

Finally, he gave me a call. He had finished them and had them ready for me to pick up, along with the fridge pieces. My persistence (and a few hours of driving in one afternoon) had finally paid off! While I was grateful that he took the time to finish up what he started and that he had given me a great deal to begin with, I was even more grateful that I wouldn’t have any more time spent stalking the cabinet man….seriously, there are other things I would rather be doing with my time and energy. 😉

Now, all I need to do is attach some of the salvaged parts to these tables and eventually install them in Liahona. Easy peasy!

Around this time, I also was able to reconnect with our plumber and reassess what needs to be done and what materials/parts I need to purchase for him to wrap it up. Sadly, it’s going to be a while before we have enough money to finish it up, but at least I have an idea of what to begin hunting for and salvaging.

We had our ceiling fall through in a couple of spots, during the three-day-long rain storms a few months back and we ended up having to get a loan to completely replace our roof. Between that and all of the medical bills that are piling up from my auto accident that occurred almost 18 months ago (not my fault, so I will eventually be paid back for the expenses….hopefully), any extra funds we may have had are already spent. Sometimes it feels like we will never get ahead, it is such a chore to just keep up with what we already have. I just keep reminding myself that my trials are piddly compared to others and that we will eventually sell the house and be able to finish up the conversion and head out on our adventure. That always does the trick!

These are the cushions that we bought from another bus conversion that was parted-out. We have enough for both of our dinettes. I only have to alter one long piece, cutting it in half to make 2 cushions instead of one. And I actually have an extra cushion that I will use when the table is folded down. I still haven’t decided if we will keep the blue and just cover the cushions that the little ones will be eating on, with some plastic fabric, or recover them with leather….I guess it all depends upon how much money we make off of the sale of our home.

The mattresses behind the cushions are for all six of the kids, four are around 6’5″x3′ and two are crib mattresses. They are all patiently resting in our room, just waiting for their chance to be put into their new home.

In the meantime, I have been extremely busy finishing up several projects that have been left undone for far too long. It feels refreshingly good to wrap things up and move on. I can’t wait to finish up all of the projects, get our home back up on the market, and eventually set sail for distant shores!


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