UT Adventures: Antelope Island


After living most of my life right across from Antelope Island, you’d think that I would have visited it several times. In fact, I had only visited one time before our family’s excursion, and that was on a field trip with Alex’s elementary school. I was at the library this past week and was lucky enough to be standing right at the counter when the Utah State Park Pass was returned (I have been waiting several months to borrow it from the library, but it is hit and miss). I was so excited to take the kids to Antelope Island again. Mr. C had taken Ethan on a scouting overnighter this past year, but other than that, none of the kids had been there. It costs $7 for the park entrance fee and $2 for the road toll. We saved $7. Yay! πŸ™‚

Looking out on the Great Salt Lake made me yearn for California all the more…so beautiful.

The Visitor’s Center had a few different displays, Luken especially enjoyed the Please Touch! table.

Simon waited patiently to see the brine shrimp…there were only 2 and they were nearly microscopic….it was entertaining to watch him.

There were bison out grazing near the banks of the Great Salt Lake. I loved the view of the Wasatch Mountains from the Island. When you live right upon them, you forget how majestic they are from a distance.

We made our way to the Fielding Garr Ranch down the winding road. When we arrived, the kids were all excited to check out the lookout telescope.

Ryan did quite a bit of sky-gazing before we realized it and were able to help her to actually see the landscape. What a cutie! πŸ™‚

We went on a self-guided tour of the ranch. The kids thoroughly enjoyed scavenging through all of the antiques and relics in this building…..especially the tools. πŸ˜‰

Ryan wants a pony so badly….I promised the kids that we’d check into getting horses someday, perhaps when we settle down again. For now, she was content to sit on the saddle and pretend.

This is the Shepherd’s Camper, which is pretty much an older version of an RV.

I was impressed with what they did with such little space. A bed, benches, stove, and plenty of storage areas.

I fell in love with the silo. We definitely need to have a silo in our yard someday…for the architectural beauty alone.

The inside was just as interesting to me…yeah, I find beauty in the strangest places.

The little ones loved the tractor. And they looked so adorable on it.

The picture below was one that the kids actually posed for and asked me to take. They were so excited to share the sunken submarine that they found the telescope to. πŸ˜‰ Their facial expressions depict all of their unique personalities very well.

This is the Root Cellar, not to be confused with the Spring House next door. When my kids first came out of the Spring House, they informed me that the Cellar had been flooded. I went down to look and was puzzled as to why half of the floor was missing. Then I looked at our little tour guide pamphlet and realized that this was actually the Spring House, not the Cellar. It was named the Spring House because it was built around the natural spring that was located there. Part of the spring water was allowed to trickle out of the house and part of it was kept in this partially-underground structure, in order to aid in the process of making cheese and keeping foods cold during the hotter season. What an ingenious way to refrigerate!

I do love the way that this cellar was built. Don’t know how it would withstand flooding in a rain storm, but it sure is aesthetically pleasing, isn’t it?

This is the view from Antelope Island to Salt Lake City…gorgeous!

Once we were done exploring the Fielding Garr Ranch, we took the kids to the northern end of the island to see if we could catch some brine shrimp. We didn’t, but we sure had fun splashing around in the water…some more than others. Simon had to have his pants removed, the little stinker!

Hey, when you can’t visit the ocean, the Great Salt Lake is the next best thing.

Ethan is growing up so fast. He told us that he was too big to splash in the water, he skipped pieces of the salt clay out into the lake instead.

This was the closest we got to a bison. It was safely viewed from our vehicle, he even posed for me. How nice. We saw a few antelope on the island, as well, but they all danced off far too quickly for me to capture their beauty on camera. The island is named after that little creature, because when the early settlers of the valley first arrived on the island, they found a lot of them. The funny thing was, there weren’t any in the surrounding areas.


There were so many delightful sights and animals on the island, but my favorite was this tie-died truck I found sleeping peacefully near the corrals. Ah, be still, my beating heart. πŸ™‚

Such a fun trip!
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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