Bus Conversion 2011


The second phase of our bus conversion, was from April-September of 2011.
As you will remember, from Phase I, we had just finished up walling the bathroom and getting new countertops, as the cold began to set in.

Spring came and so did my anxious desire to get back out in Liahona and finish up the conversion. We got our toes wet. 

Soon we had built our first cabinet. Yippee!

After we completed the first cabinet, we dove right into getting as many kitchen cabinets up as we could. We also put up a couple of our walls.

We finished up the last of the upper cabinets in the kitchen and covered several windows we knew we would be walling in. I also threw some doors on the cabinets and the kitchen began taking on more of a homey look.

We then began working on framing in the Master Alcove…..otherwise known as our bedroom.

Then we finished up the Mini Bunks and the upper cabinets in the Master Suite….well most of them.


We finished up the cabinets in the Mini Bunks (The Frankenstein Cabinets).

We had run out of money, at this point and so I began working on the areas that I could. I made some rainbow-batik-patchwork curtains for the kitchen and galley area. I also got a hold of the cabinet-maker and got my tables.

Then we ran out of warm weather, so I hunkered down for the winter, wondering what the next year would bring.

Pura Vida!



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