UT Adventures: Hogle Zoo


After not having an annual Zoo Pass for a year, we gave in and decided we needed to get one (it cost us around $23 more to get the pass and we knew we’d use it at least one more time). We have been learning about Africa and all of the different countries and wildlife on that great continent. It felt only right that we visit Utah’s Hogle Zoo. And it was Ryan’s birthday, so we invited grandparents and cousins to help us celebrate at the zoo.

The kids enjoyed the big wet ball that is right inside the gates. They spent quite some time there, while we were waiting for our entire party to arrive.

Here’s the entire group of monkeys. 🙂

For rude! 😛

Our little monkey was climbing all over where he shouldn’t have been…it must have been difficult for him to see the monkeys enjoying their habitat in ways Simon only dreams about.

Papa bought all of the grandkids a flavored ice cream cone. It was a good thing we went this week, as we still had a little bit of sunshine left over from Summer.

This orangutan, Acara, was super friendly. When I knelt down to get a picture of her eating, she ventured over to where I was squatting and began batting her eyes at me. What an angel! Too bad the glass had etching done all along the bottom, making it virtually impossible to get a focused picture of the darling. Here’s a video someone else took of her in action.

We are quite fond of the elephants, and the kids were excited to see a baby elephant next to its mom.

Each of the kids has an animal that we started collecting when they were infants. Ryan’s animal is the elephant, partly because she was our biggest baby ever. And partly because both Mr. C and I have an affinity for elephants. They mate for life, they have incredible memories, they are nurturing and lovable….and they are HUGE. Dumbo was one of my favorite Disney characters for several years.

This elephant totally rocks. It makes noise and is fun to take photos with.

And here is the cutest little bear I ever did see….what an adorable nephew I have.

We encountered some dancing faeries along the pathway….

So precious.

I have to say that the iguana is one of my most favorite animals to look at. Their texture and design was very well thought out. If only they smelled nearly as good as they look….ew!

Most of the crew, taking a break in between the small animal house and the big cats….with Papa.

Alex somehow convinced my baby brother to pull here most of the way…..slacker!

This is the closest we have gotten to the cats without glass. I love the new display that they built for the cats a few years ago. It used to be so depressing to have to look at them in their small glass boxes. They seem so much happier now that they have some natural habitat to roam around in.

I don’t know why I love this photo so much, but I do. Perhaps it is the sun coming through or the fact that it is another of my most favorite animals…I don’t know. I do love it, though.

Luken is our giraffe. When he was born, he was our longest (tallest) baby of the first 4 kids (Simon beat him by 1/2 inch, when he was born). And, since giraffes have always been one of my favorites, he was deemed our giraffe. I have a thing for giraffe patches, their furry little horns, and their slender necks…they are so adorable.

We were unable to catch one of the bird shows they normally have during the day, it must have been too cold. We did get to see a couple of our country’s birds, the bald eagle. These guys were peacefully resting when an alarm of some sort went off, causing the one on the right much distress. He started squawking back at the alarm. It was rather comical. What beautiful birds. If you ever visit Hogle Zoo, make sure you attend one of the bird shows, they are well worth the wait.

Ah, the camel. These fellows were enjoying a little snack when we came upon them.

They did take a moment to pose for us, how sweet.

Most of my photos of this rooster did not turn out very well, because he was quite the little mover and shaker. I found his colors to be most inspiring. I could totally spend some time making a collage or painting of a chicken that looks like this. Tie dye comes to mind.

We didn’t ride the train on this trip, but it is worth the dollar or so you must spend to get on. Especially with all of the beautiful fall colors we had this time of year. Splendid!

We enjoyed our trip so much last week, that we decided to go again the following week….for Boo at the Zoo. The kids, 12 years old and under, dressed up and went throughout the park, gathering goodies and seeing all sorts of sponsors (Miss Utah was there, much to the delight of both Jamin and Luken). It was pretty fun, but I was glad that we had gone the week before and had already seen everything in great detail. Also, the weather was a bit nippy, so I was happy that we didn’t need to stay as long. But mostly, I was thrilled that, within a week’s time, we had already gotten our money’s worth out of our annual passes. Yippee! Can’t wait to go back for ZooLights! We will definitely be going many more times, next spring and summer. And there are several reciprocating zoos and aquariums around the USA that offer 50% off admission with our membership. We are definitely looking forward to that. 😉
Pura Vida!
Mrs. C

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