I’m Selling Splayds!


Well, it is now official….I am selling SPLAYDS! I am so excited to finally be selling something that I love and can stand behind 100% .

when we first began using the Splayd. For the first 100 or so meals, I kept expecting to be disappointed and finally figure out that they weren’t as fabulous as I had thought…..yeah, it didn’t turn out that way. Why? Because they ROCK! Seriously, they do.

First of all, they are extremely durable. My kids like to bend my silverware. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to try and put the spoons and forks away in their drawer and not have them tuck in neatly with each other, due to all of the variations of curvature, thanks to my little ones. The Splayd, however, will never bend. You would have to really work hard at it, to get it to budge one way or the other (believe me, because I have tried). Our splayds have been thrown, pounded into the table and floor, and worked out in any and every way my kids could come up with. The splayds have held up beautifully. We did have 2 mini splayds that became prey to the garbage disposal (hey, it happens to the best of us). But we continued using one of the crippled mini splayds, despite the warped tong. I have never been able to do that with any of my forks or spoons. Once the forks were crunched, they were too mangled to repair. And the spoons would always end up with a jagged edge that actually hurt to rub my tongue up against. I know, I am kind of weird to share so many deep thoughts on simple cutlery, but it is how I think….what can I say? The splayd, on the other hand, didn’t have the jagged edge or a tong that was bent out of shape to the point where I could no longer use it. Maybe it’s what they’re made out of, maybe it’s the design. Whatever the reason, Splayds are pretty much indestructible (with normal wear….I am envisioning the scene in Napoleon Dynamite where his uncle runs over the tupperware container with his car to show a potential customer how indestructible they are….lol). In fact, most people don’t even know our mini splayd is crippled, when they are privilged enough to use it.

Second of all, they are versatile. We have used these babies for everything we have eaten over the past year and a half. Everything. Whether it was an elegant sit-down dinner or tin foil dinners around a camp fire, they have seen all sorts of settings. Our Splayds have sunk into several different cuisines from around the world, during our International Studies over the past year. Spaghetti, steak, ice cream, soups, stews, casseroles, salads….anything we’ve eaten at home over the past year and a half, we have used our Splayds with. And the list goes on.

Third, they are convenient. Maybe I am the only person who gets frustrated when I can’t figure out which pieces of cutlery to set at the table. (If we are having soup and rolls, why do I need to set the table with forks and knives? Or if we are having steak and salad, why get out the spoons?). What was even more frustrating for me, was when my little ones would help set the table and put out too much silverware….which would be touched several times by my littlest….and then had to be washed, because it was definitely no longer clean…. despite the fact that we never even used them. Now, with the Splayds, I never have to worry about how many spoons, forks, and butter knives to set out…..just a splayd per setting and we are good to go! I love that there are only 2 sizes. My little Simon first learned how to eat (without getting his hands covered in food) with a splayd. In fact, he refers to spoons, forks, and splayds as “pades”.  I highly recommend purchasing the mini splayds for your little ones. They will be tickled to actually have a piece of silverware that fits in their mouth, is small enough to handle easily, and can be used with whatever they are eating. Everyone has different preferences. My 17 year old (Alex) likes to use the Mini, while my 10 and 12 year olds (Jamin & Ethan) like the Regular Splayds.

But perhaps the best thing about Splayds, they are so beautiful. They look good with whatever stoneware or china you have. They can pass off as formal or rustic. They have a very simple design that is easy for everyone to like. Splayds have a chrome/brushed nickel finish on them, which I absolutely adore. After 19 months of using ours, they still look great. In fact, I had them out on display at a boutique this past weekend and I had to thoroughly examine the Splayds I had set out, just to make sure I didn’t put my own set back in with my display set.

Enough about my love affair with the Splayd! Let’s get down to the business end of it all. I have a couple of good friends who have sole rights to sell to distributors/retail stores here in the USA. They have agreed to let me sell them through my business (I will be sharing more about that in the next few weeks….ooooh, I am so excited to share that with you all, as well). And because my friends are so awesome, they are willing to let me set my price just a hair lower than they have it listed for online (which is already a steal of a price), but only with my close friends and family. I don’t know how much longer they will have it listed where it is, but I can guarantee that once they raise the price, it won’t be going back down. These are quickly becoming a hot item. If you are interested, now is the time to purchase. And if you are a retailer, let me know and I can set up an account with you, so that you can share this incredible product with your customers.

Above, is the Family Splayd Set. It comes with 6 Mini Splayds and 6 Regular Splayds. It normally runs for $84.78 online, before tax and S&H. I will have this special running through the end of December.

And here is the Family Splayd Set….all wrapped up for a Christmas present. Once I have my website up, I will include wrapping for a little bit extra. I love wrapping gifts, so it will help with allowing me to feel creative while selling a great product.

Above, is a Single Splayd Set. There is 1 Mini Splayd and 1 Regular Splayd in this set. I will be running my Christmas special for $10, for the rest of December. These would be great stocking stuffers or a sample gift for the undecided….you know who you are (and yes, I know that the cards look super cheesy….I had an evening to come up with some cute bright signs for a boutique, without black or color ink for my printer…this is what I came up with).

The Single Splayd Set….all wrapped up. Well, technically it’s more of a dress. All dressed up!

These are our family’s Splayds. No one even knew that they were used…until closer examination. I was thrilled to see how well they held up in our home. And don’t they look wonderful there on that plate with all of the “green jell-o”? This is Utah, after all. 😉

Pura Vida!

Mrs. C (Cutlery is my new thing)

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