Brazilian Cherry Bathroom


You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t shown any pictures of the loo in my last two posts. Well, there is a reason for that. I wanted to show you the bathroom once I finished installing the Brazilian cherry wood I have been waiting so long to work on. It is done! Yay!

Above, is a picture of what the bathroom looked like 2 years ago, before I had any idea of how it would end up.

Before I had the new countertops installed, I had figured out what I wanted to do as far as decorating went, but still had to wait until we had the electric installed before working on installing the Brazilian Cherry wood that I purchased for $5 from Matthew, way back in 2010….yeah, this wood has been curing for quite some time now. 😉

When Rich was here, working on the electric, I had to begin installing the Brazilian cherry wood around the outlet and switch for the bathroom….thus, finally beginning the walls I had waited so long to enjoy. I am so thrilled to finally have them complete. I can’t tell you how much I ADORE the smell of this wood. It reminds me of Costa Rica!

As I cut each piece of wood, I sanded it and installed them each with some liquid nails and used clamps to hold the wood in place overnight. For some reason, I failed to take pics of all of the process, but here is the result. I chose not to use any of the normal finishing products that I have used in the rest of the bus, because I wanted to keep that sweet smell of Costa Rica. Instead, I purchased a bottle of mineral oil (for less than $3) and oiled the walls several times, to protect it from water (which I am sure it will have plenty of exposure to, as it is located in our bathroom).

I love the way that the walls look next to the countertops! I love this wood….did I already mention that?

With the walls around the sink completed, I just needed to finish the wall behind the toilet (I sold the used toilet we had, as the vinyl seat had a little rip in it and I have seen what my kids do, when there is a rip… it some more. We will just have to purchase a new one, when we finally sell our home and have money to buy all of the items we are waiting on).

Here is my beloved Brazilian Cherry wood….it doesn’t look nearly as beautiful here, as it will when I finally get it all installed…..

and here is my lovely assistant, Miss Ryan. She showed up in her little hippie get-up. She was so excited to show me that she had on her necklace, which would hold her glasses when she wasn’t using them. What a little cutie! She is always asking what she can do to help out. I gave her the job of bringing me the wood to cut, helping me to hold it still while cutting it, and taking it back to the sanding table.

Then she also got to assist with wiping the boards down after they were sanded….she was so content to feel needed. I miss this age so much with some of my older kids. They grow out of this phase far too quickly!

I was SO THANKFUL that my brother was able to lend me his nail gun and compressor for a few weeks. I have so enjoyed having these tools to use. I wish that I would have had them throughout the entire conversion, what a difference that would have made! Having wood stay in place while screwing together, would have been so nice. It was my first time ever using a nail gun or a compressor and my brother spent about 5 minutes and walked me through the process. I mostly appreciated that he wasn’t condescending (not that every other man who I have to deal with, would ever treat me as if I have no idea what I am doing…..).

I began by cutting all of the pieces down to fit between the vanity and the shower stall (about 40″) and then sanding them. I then put the pieces together and figured out where the brace at the bottom would need to go. I had a difficult time getting the nail gun to work along this area (the steel was rather thick there), and I finally just screwed that board in place. Once all of the plumbing is complete, I will add another board upon that one, and add a piece of wood at the bottom (along the floor) and put a piece of paneling up along there….for asthetic purposes. For now, I just wanted to make sure I used up some of the wood on the patio.

Then I oiled it…..several times over the next few days.

And of course, with the doors stained and the walls all up, all that there is left  to do, is to complete the shower and finish up the plumbing….and the flooring….and the curtains. Well, I may have a little bit more to do in here, but I wanted to share how delightful the bathroom is shaping up. And, as my friend, Rich, pointed out, the bathroom is where you will be the most critical of your work, as you have a moment to sit and examine that work. I am really working on not having too many errors to ponder upon while in the loo. 😉

Between the smell of the Brazilian Cherry wood and hanging out with this silly gal….yeah, I am gonna have to say it was definitely an awesome day. Love my kids!

Pura Vida!


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