The Media Cabinet


I have been putting off working on the media cabinet above the windshield until I had the electric ran and finally figured out what size television we’d be using in there. Last summer, we began removing all of the items that were above the dash. This past month, I removed the mirror, the fan, and a couple of important stickers that would be covered by the shelf (don’t worry, I kept them and will install them somewhere else, once I complete all of the work).

Aaron and I spent some time at Costco looking at televisions and finally decided that trying to fit a 32″ tv in the 19″ height we have available might be a tight fit. We decided to aim for the 27″ tv and if we can fit a larger one in there, great! I began removing the stereo, so that it would be easier for whomever helps to put in a new stereo system….someday, when we can afford to do that.

I began by cutting my supports, pre-drilling, then attaching them to the steel with liquid nails and a few screws….

I attached the beautiful piece of plywood that was left over from the wall right behind the streetside dinette (the one that reminds me of flames rising up into the sky)….which made a stunning shelf, especially for the driver to look at, as it is above their head.

Because we are planning on attaching the TV to the wall up there, I wanted to have some sturdy wood to attach it to, so I attached a piece of 3/4″ plywood to the middle of the wall (more liquid nails and screws).

I followed up with some beadboard over the plywood and attached a couple of walls on both sides.

In order to get the side cabinet face nice and snug, we needed a template. I put Ethan in charge of this responsibility. He looked kind of shocked when I casually asked him to do this. Normally, I just ask him to help me with whatever I am doing at the moment. I have really been working on allowing him to learn and do more. I showed faith in him and his capabilities and….

he did an awesome job! 🙂

Ta Da!

I even put the door on, for good measure….despite the fact that it was still too early for doors.

The next day, I had Ethan adjust the template he had made, to create the other side cabinet face. Then I attached the other door….and realized that I was short a handle.

I bought another handle and painted the beadboard the same lovely shade of green as I used on the dinette walls.

I glazed over the paint, stained the center of the doors, and added a piece of corner bead to the bottom of the cabinet, to give it a finished look. At some point it will be complete, with a television, an awesome stereo system inside the left-side  compartment, speakers on the front of each side compartment, and a couple more speakers that will run under each of the overhead cabinets, so that we can hear whatever movie we are watching.

And I am so excited about that, hanging out with my family and watching a movie together….while we are traveling around the country………..but for now, I am just creating a place for all of this to take place, and doing this, one day at a time.

Pura Vida!


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