Love One Another


Anyone who has been in an RV can tell you that there is not a whole lot of wall space. Pictures and decorations are very limited, because of this fact. Despite a lot of well-laid plans for the design of our RV, we are still going to be going from a 3400 sf home with oodles of wall space, down to a 210 sf bus with very little, if any wall space. For this reason, I have decided to be very particular about what I hang on the walls, especially since most of the items I hang will be somewhat permanent.

Here is the area above the front door. You can see that there was just enough room for something to be arranged there. The question was, What? I realized that this would be the area where we would be leaving the comfort and security of our home on wheels to venture out into the world every day, so I wanted it to be something that would have a great impact on us all. I decided that it would probably be a quote of some sort that I would hang above this door. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love quotes, and I began searching through them all, trying to find one worthy of this location. Most of them were too long to fit on this small area….I continued looking.

The other day, I took Aaron to Deseret Industries (a local thrift store) for part of our date night (yeah, I am that kind of gal). While we were there, I came across this lovely hand painted wall plaque. While I have never been into the 80’s hues of mauve and slate blue, I absolutely felt certain that the very best quote our family could encounter every day would be the most important one ever recorded in the history of the world, Love One Another. What a profound and direct commandment we have been given. And so simple, just three little words. The person who was quoted as saying this? Jesus. Who better to quote and what an important thing to remember, as we are traveling the world and meeting all sorts of new neighbors along the way. I bought the plaque (for a whopping $2) and brought it home.

I let it sit for a couple of days, trying to figure out exactly what sort of changes I wanted to make. I decided to sand away the entire painting above the quote. As much as I adore both flowers and berries, with limited space, this painting needed to have a far more powerful message than what a few pieces of nature could represent. I sanded it down as best as I could and began searching through all of the images in my mind of what Love One Another looked like to me. I sat down one evening to watch a movie with the family and this is what I came up with…….

I am happy to say that it turned out exactly as I had hoped. I am an amateur artist (as is clear to be seen. lol), but my whole heart went into this painting, as I knew it would be a very important focal point for us all. While I was preparing the wall where it would be hung, I had it resting inside the Media Cabinet.

If I wasn’t planning on getting an awesome television at some point, I would definitely have put this there instead.

When I put it next to the dining room curtains I created last year (still need to apply the shade cloth to these curtains……maybe in a couple of weeks), I was happy to see that it went along perfectly with all of the wild colors I love so much. 🙂

I found a leftover piece of this gorgeous plywood from the wall with the Tea & Spice Cupboard I finished up last week (which I can’t wait to share with you later this week) and cut it down to size. I attached it to the steel wall with some liquid nails and 4 screws (that were secured directly underneath where the plaque would reside). I applied some natural stain over it and was so pleased with the grain that popped out.

And here is the finished wall, with a beautiful message for everyone who will ever venture into our lovely new home…..Love One Another. Couldn’t have said it more perfectly myself. With the presidential election coming up in the next few months, I have begun to notice a lot of separation and even anger developing between friends and even families. With all of the differences of opinions, values,  beliefs, and even tastes, we are bound to have conflict, it is a part of human nature. But let us not forget this important message. Let us agree to disagree, to respect one another’s views, and not allow our differences to create a wedge that divides us. Our love for one another is the glue that binds us all together, not only as a great nation, but as a human race. Whether you are a believer and follower of Christ, a Buddhist, of another religion or faith, or even an atheist, I think we all believe that this message is the most important one of all, don’t we? 😉

Pura Vida!


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