The Tea & Spice Cupboard


This is the wall behind the shower, in the galley, right across from the oven/stove. I decided I would like an extra cupboard for storing our teas and spices, rather than a bath faucet located lower down on the shower wall. I removed the used faucet that had been installed (and just sold it for $10 to a very grateful man who was thrilled that I had posted it, as he had been searching for one for a few weeks) and pulled the piping out of the way until I can afford to have a plumber finish up the job that was never finished. The piping will go straight up to the top of the wall and then over, to the shower head and handle. That is how I originally wanted it, but the plumber we hired a couple of years ago didn’t wait to see what I wanted, just installed it the way he thought it should be……another post, altogether. lol

I used some more of the beadboard I had left over for the inside of this cupboard, to go along with the decor of the rest of the dining area. Hey, the paint, glaze, and beadboard are already paid for. Why not?

I painted and glazed the beadboard….of course.

The 2x4s lining the sides of the cupboard would have been just fine to keep, as is, if it weren’t for the obnoxious holes that had been cut for the plumbing and some of the electricity….

I cut a couple of pieces of pretty wood paneling and attached them to both sides. Then, for the shelves, I decided to use some of the Brazilian cherry wood. I still can’t believe how far this wood has gone….and it is so beautiful with some sanding and a little mineral oil rubbed on it! It turned out SO lovely here, I was tempted to leave this cabinet open, without a door, but when I remembered that the top 2 shelves couldn’t accommodate dowels across them, I gave up on that idea.

I brought out some of the herbs and spices we use (before I began nailing and screwing in the shelves)….and our teas, of course. We love our teas! I wanted to make sure the shelves would be the correct height to work with them. I was going to put some dowels across the front of the shelves (I still might do this), so I built them large enough to work with dowels attached in the plywood I found for the wall (except the top 2 rows…hindsight is always 20/20).

You can’t tell me that these don’t look lovely all cozy next to each other in the wall!

Can you tell I have been missing hot cocoa (I am off of processed sugars this year…just as part of an experiment). Thank goodness for so many  yummy chocolate teas to drink!

I had just completed this part of the Tea & Spice Cabinet when I emerged from the bus to find my 3 little monkeys, swinging together on the swingset…..happy as could be.

I was reminded of how simple the true pleasures in life are.

And how children understand this better than we adults do (even now, as I am looking at this precious photo of my little ones, there is a part of me that is noticing the grass that needs to be pulled out of the woodchips) ….

I will be honest with you, there is a HUGE part of me that misses hanging upside down on a swinging bar.

I waited for the weekend, to have Aaron help me maneuver the 3/4″ piece of plywood around and cut the wall. He was very helpful and even seemed a little happy to help….for a brief moment. LOL I have to say, despite the hard time I give him about not wanting to help out when it comes to the bus conversion, he is amazing at picking up the house and taking care of meals while I am out here in the bus, working my buns off. He has accepted the fact that I will be spending most of my time working on the bus conversion (especially now that we are in a situation where we need to sell our home and have a place to live afterwards).  And I have finally accepted the fact that he loathes woodworking, construction, etc. of any kind. We both know what we enjoy doing and we have learned to accept our differences, this is part of what makes our marriage functional (and real…..and divine….).

This is the wall attached, with one of the light switch to the dinettes, an outlet, and the opening for the Tea & Spice Cupboard. I used 4 screws to secure it to the wall for now. Once I have enough funds to pay a plumber to finish up the plumbing, I will remove the wall and then attach it after I install the new wooden floors (which I am really looking forward to). I will have to cut an extra inch off of the bottom (forgot about that part). This way, if we ever need access to the plumbing behind the shower, it will be a breeze to take off this wall to get in there.

Here is the door attached and open….

then closed. We bought a handle to put on it, but I don’t know if I will attach it. I will wait until I attach the door clasp that holds the door shut, to see if it is difficult to get open without a handle, before I drill a couple of holes and attach the handle. As you can imagine, moving around in an RV is tight and we need all of the space we can get around this area of the bus. This is right where the sink/oven/bathroom/fridge are located. Even a simple decision on whether or not to have a pull on a door can make a huge difference.

I was so thrilled to finally have this area completed, despite the fact that I don’t have the plumbing done. Because it is such a lovely little cupboard, I almost wanted to keep my teas and spices out here, just for the pure enjoyment of coming out to see the cupboard each time I need to use them….but I didn’t. I will have to wait to head out on our adventures before I get to that point. I look forward to taking some of our favorite teas along for the journey, as well as picking up some along the way….just a few of life’s little joys.

Joy. That is what this bus conversion is aimed at accommodating, a way for our family to continue following our dreams of traveling, of writing and creating art to share with the world and support our family. Some days I get so wrapped up in the tedious and frustrating work that has to be done, that I forget to take time to enjoy the journey and find joy along the way. One of my favorite quotes (it is on the desktop of my laptop right now) is:

“Happiness is a journey….not a destination.” ~Matt Sweetland

What are you doing to help you to enjoy the journey, wherever it may lead? 🙂

Pura Vida!


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