Dragon’s Lair Headboard & Closets


Not a lot had been done back in the Master Suite (which we now refer to as The Dragon’s Lair) since we finished up the closets and mini bunks last year. Now that I had the electricity added, I began to finish the headboard and closets up. I had been vacillating between closing up the top of the headboard and keeping books there or keeping the plan to put a 32″screen tellie there…..eventually the idea of being able to relax and watch dvds won the debate and it is official, the area above the headboard will be for as large a screen as we can fit there.

Here is the wood I used for the wall above the headboard, a leftover piece that had been cut out from one of the many overhead cupboards.

I left this part of the wall raw, so that I can someday paint a beautiful dragon on there. It will be my gift to my Dragon. 🙂

Originally, I had removed the shelves, to fit the headboard into the alcove and also to make an area for storing our laptops. I was going to create a front and attach doors, etc……but I realize now that I can store laptops in the upper cabinets in the alcove, if I really want to. I decided to keep this area open and began looking through my wood pile, for some wood to use for shelves. That was when I came across the original shelves. I cut them to size, sanded them down to raw wood, and stained them with my favorite stain, gunstock. I also removed the door to the little cabinet on the headboard, sanded and stained it, as well.

I attached a side to the headboard and used my natural Miniwax stain on all of the wood I hadn’t just stained with the gunstock. This took care of  all of the scratches and dents and gave it that fresh look I was hoping for.

I needed a piece of wood to cover the top of the headboard, to hide the wiring that runs back there. I wanted this headboard and the cabinets to be very colorful and eclectic, so I found some of the leftover Brazilian cherry wood to line the top. I glued, nailed, and clamped it overnight. It didn’t go completely flush in a couple of areas, but it is still beautiful to look at.

I bought some new brushed nickel hinges for the cabinet door, to match the rest of the hardware. And this is an example of what a picture taken in low light will look like…..yeah.

I was going to wait a while to finish up the inside of these 2 closets, as the aromatic cedar I wanted to use, costs around $32 a box and I figured it would take at least 2 boxes, but probably closer to 3 boxes. It just so happened that I had a friend who donated $20 to our bus conversion. Thanks, Rebecca! I also sold the bath faucet for another $10….so I was able to purchase a box of cedar and begin to finish up the closet. I wanted to at least get the cedar around the bottom of the closet installed, so that I could cut out a piece of plywood for the bottom of the hanging closet. We had to put the bottom of the closet up about 10 inches, as the port to the fuel tank rises up out of the floor of the bus there.

After much consideration (and a look at my bankbook), I decided that the back of the closet didn’t need to be cedar and cut a couple of pieces of plywood and installed them.

It was my first time using the miter saw and box on the conversion. It was a great reminder of how electricity has created a life of ease for us all….the delicious smell of cedar was all that kept me going on this part of the conversion. I ran in and out of the bus over 150x (easy) in one afternoon, cutting off 1/8″ – 1/4″ most of the time, trying to get a nice, tight fit. Tee. Dee. Us. 😉

The plywood I used to line the closet was just there to give me someplace to attach the cedar, as this area was once 2.5 windows and nailing into windows isn’t very fun.

I know it is difficult to see how beautiful these closets are, thanks to the poor quality of these pics. I wish I could have put some cedar over the electrical boxes on the right, but I couldn’t get the wires to go flush with the wall, so I am stuck looking at them, as they are. This closet will be chock-full of clothing, once we head out, so I am sure it won’t bother me then.

While I was in the middle of working on the closet, we received a settlement for the auto accident Alex was in . Aaron’s car was totaled. Which thoroughly sucked. But we were able to pay off some of our outstanding bills, I was able to get my passport renewed, and I purchased an MLS for $250. I also was able to purchase another box of cedar and a few other items needed for the conversion.

Stunning! (wish the pics I took were as stunning as the wood is in person) I cannot express how much I love aromatic cedar. Not only does the scent remind me of our annual camping trips to Yellowstone National Park from my childhood, but it is also eye candy. I love wood. Cedar is definitely my favorite. Yes, I love it  more than the Brazilian cherry wood I adore so much.

While I was installing the the cedar into the closet, I realized that I was going to use less than the 2 boxes of cedar I had bought….which caused me to think of all of the other places I could install my favorite wood. I put a couple of pieces above the headboard. We decided that we will definitely be attaching the tellie we get for this area into the cherry wood and top of the headboard, not the wall.

I also lined the little cabinet and the bottoms of the shelves with the cedar. YUM! 🙂

It is so beautiful, despite all of the imperfections that go along with a complete amateur’s journey through woodworking. LOL

I cut out the bottom of the closet and VOILA! A closet! A closet, full of yummy scents and colors. I was so thrilled to be able to complete and check off another thing off of my list of projects to complete on the bus!

I read up on cedar and found that it deters/repels moths, mice, and termites. Yay!

And this is a glimpse of what the outside of the clothing storage area looks like now. We have one large hanging closet, two deep/tall file cabinets, and a deep closet above these. If we do find that we need more room, we will use the upper cabinets that are above the Dragon’s Nest (our queen bed). The plan is to get down to 8 summer outfits, a Sunday outfit per male, a couple of skirts and blouses per female, and a few pairs of jeans and long sleeved shirts per person. I will keep coats and mittens in a storage container under our bed, just in case we end up somewhere cold….which will hopefully be never.

Notice the cute little wooden knobs I finally added to the doors? I picked them up from a guy who was selling a ton of hardware for a few dollars, a year ago. What a deal! There were only 15 of them, otherwise I would have used them in the galley and head. I absolutely adore them! I put them on all of the doors back in the Dragon’s Lair (and there are a few to store, just in case these ones get broken……not that this kind of thing would ever happen in our home. lol).

Here is our PC monitor that we were trying to figure out storage for, while we are on the road….we may just end up using it with our laptops, to watch dvds in our room. This is a 24″ screen. We could easily fit a 32″ screen in here…..we’ll see where we stand on funds, once we actually sell our home. 😉

No matter what the size of the television, I am stoked to have an area for Aaron and I to watch movies late at night, in the comfort of our Dragon’s Lair. Or a place to have the little ones watch a movie, while we are up front playing cards or chatting with friends. Can’t wait! 🙂

Pura Vida!


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