UTAH ADVENTURES: The Living Planet Aquarium


It had been a while since we had been to the Aquarium, and it just happened to be Aaron’s birthday recently, so he took the day off from work and we all headed down to see some sea animals. Even Alex joined us. It was so nice to have the entire family together for the day.

The otters were quite exciting to watch. They are always so playful and the kids laughed at them, in all of their silliness.

This otter seemed a little shocked to see all of us standing out behind the glass….gawking at their playtime. Yeah, it was kind of awkward for a moment. lol

There is a giant frog there that will sometimes allow you to hop on his back. Don’t expect him to make much movement, he appeared to be very tired when Luken and Ryan were on his back.

There are some beautiful jellyfish to look at in this giant bubble.

And more jellyfish….I was surprised to get this good of a photo, with as dark as the room was.

The kids were so excited to see the different types of fish there were in all of the large tanks.

And for good reason, there were a lot of beautiful and interesting specimans in there.

Simon was really excited. I don’t think he remembers the last time we came here or our last trip to Sea World.

This fish is so beautiful, with the contrasting stripes and all of his fray. I think, if I were to choose a fish to be, this would be the one I would choose. So striking!

But this is probably the fish I would end up being….dude, is it nap time yet? LOL

There is a petting pool, where there are sting rays (minus the stingers) you can pet.

And sometimes you can see zombies at the side of the pool…..aaaaaaahhhhhhh. I obviously caught all of the kids as they were in a daze. Hey, looking at fishies can be very exhausting. 😉

The birthday boy got to feed some of the fishies….what a treat!

These baby sharks had hatched just a few days before we came to the Aquarium. They are rather cute, aren’t they?

This aquarium had some sharks, sting rays, a large turtle, and several other sea creatures.

That is one HUGE shark!

Simon is entranced with the fishies…..he didn’t even notice the anaconda.

These are not crocodiles….or alligators….these are Caiman. Yes, I learned this from my husband, the walking encyclopedia, before we even saw the little sign explaining what they are.

There were a couple of buttons on this display that produced a small amount of electricity. All of the kids were giggling about it…..until one of the kids held another kid’s hand down over it for too long and caused much screaming and hollering….and a little added embarrassment.

Luken thought it was pretty cool that he was the same height as a penguin. The penguin display was spectacular. I couldn’t get even one good shot of those little black and white birds…they were super fast!

As we were entering the Animal Superheroes exhibit, there was a cool thermograph. We are pretty hot!

The Animal Superheroes exhibit was totally awesome! The entire thing reminded me of the old-school batman comics. All of the kids loved it, which wasn’t surprising, as they all love superheroes and animals.

This was a completely new exhibit that wasn’t here the last few times we came, so it was pretty exciting. A lot of time was put into the details and it was a great addition to the Aquarium.

Even the bathroom has special attention to detail….what a lovely piece of art.

This is my favorite sea creature, the seahorse. Not only is it absolutely enchanting to look at, the life style of the seahorse is fascinating. The male seahorse takes his role as a nurturer and caretaker very seriously, keeping his fertilized eggs in a little pouch he has specifically designed for this purpose, until his young hatch. What a man…..er, seahorse. 😉

We had a lovely time at the Aquarium. It was so nice to see Aaron come alive, being around all of the creatures of the sea.

Love my man!

Pura Vida!

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