Day 2: California Dreaming


The tree

This year, I decided that I would finally make a tree skirt, instead of just wrapping some fabric around the bottom and calling it good. I also decided that the top of our tree needed a star, so I created templates for both and made one of those as well. It took me a couple of days, but it was awesome because everything I used for both of them, I had already paid for (so it was essentially free for this week). For the bows, I used some of the fabric strips that we use to make our Gypsy Mats for our family business (Gypsy Essentials). Everything turned out exactly as I had planned, even down to the 7 pointed star. Thirteen different patterned fabrics and thirteen different solid fabrics, because thirteen is my most favorite number. Aaron and I couldn’t decide upon a 5 or 6 pointed star, so I finally just made it 7. I used a lot of turquoise and orange, as they are my favorite colors and they remind me of California….and I am California Dreaming this week (and most weeks, come to think of it).

I am so grateful for my creativity. Although, it may not be much, compared to others, it is mine and I am happy to be able to grow and learn with a love of creativity. I look forward to all of the different items I plan on making this year. Cutting, sanding, painting, sewing, crocheting, drawing, ……it is all so much fun for me! God has surely blessed me to be able to share my talents with others and I will not bury them. 😉

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