Day 3: Night Reader


Night Reader

I brought my camera along this evening, in the hopes of getting an awesome shot of some of the festivities at a local business area, where some of our gypsy essentials items are being sold. I knew there would be horse-drawn carriages and Santa Claus, music, hot drinks, and lots of people….there was sure to be some sort of Christmasy photo. But, as we were driving down Nicholls Road, I glanced over and saw one of my most favorite things to see… Ethan, reading by the light of a flashlight. I know it seems silly to get excited over a child reading, but it brings me great joy. Not only because he wants to read, but the fact that he can’t seem to get enough time to do it. He knew he would be sitting up front with me (until we picked up Aaron), so he had the prudence and the foresight to remember a flashlight, so as to not blind me as we drove. I love that he has a lust for knowledge and that he is a voracious reader, but I also love that he is respectful and conscientious. So glad I decided to pull over to the side of the road and capture this image, I wanted to share how precious this young man is to me and how proud I am to be his mama. I have been blessed. 🙂

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