Day 4: Crocheted Love


Christmas Gypsy Mats best

My Grandma Burningham taught me how to crochet. On our long drives from Utah out to California, for our vacations, she would pull out crochet hooks and yarn and we would all crochet with the master. I never learned how to read patterns, or even remembered the terms she attempted to teach me, but who would have thought that one day I would be forging a living from the gift this precious woman gave to me.

This year, I am crocheting Gypsy Mats for all of my kids. I know their favorite colors and have been planning these out for some time now. Simon is our sunshine and his favorite colors just happen to be orange, red, and yellow. Ryan is our sweet flower, so tender and unique, and soft pastels will be used for hers. Luken loves green, turquoise, and blue….and he reminds me so much of water, so fluid and full of energy. Jamin is in love with Germany, so his colors will obviously be red, gold, and black, strong and true. Ethan’s favorite colors are deep purple, blue, and black, a great representation of his analytical mind and loyalty to those he loves. Alex, my rainbow, is a lover of bright colors, especially turquoise and yellow. I am not making her a 24″ gypsy mat like the others, hers will be a kitchen set, to add to her trousseau.

It will be nice, once we are on our way around the USA, to have these for the younger kids to sit on. We plan on having hard wood floors in the bus and in our next home. Anyone who has hard wood, tile, or stone flooring knows how uncomfortable it can be. I am hoping to make their time more enjoyable as they are building with legos, playing board games, drawing, reading, or whatever other activities these crazy kids can come up with for entertainment.

So, I sit here, crocheting away, deep into the night, as I create these mats of love, for my most beloved.

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