Day 8: Hearth Writer


Luken drawing Christmas pics

The hearth in our front room is quite a versatile place. Not only does it provide a safe place for cinders to pop onto, when we have a fire burning in the fireplace, it can also be used to seat around 5 guests, when we have friends and family over. When we were avid library patrons, and especially when we did our International Studies last year, I would prop up around 20 books on here….all beckoning for someone to enjoy them. During the day, this is the place that my kids use their unifix, pattern blocks, Legos, and love to draw.

Luken is a regular here. He and the hearth are good chums. He enjoys hours of writing or playing, while I am schooling the little ones or sitting and crocheting. It is Luken’s favorite spot to be. He is extremely creative and intelligent and I enjoy listening to his ideas of what he wants to do. His compassion and giving nature melt my heart on a regular basis.  Today, he was working on his new business and creating signs for letting others know about it. I sat, watching him, as he put all of his dreams down on paper. And I caught a shot of my little hearth writer, without him even noticing.

In our home, creativity seems to be contagious. Soon, Ryan had joined him on the hearth and Simon was crying because there wasn’t enough room for him, so we had to get out my drawing board. A moment later, Jamin was in the room, drawing, as well. I sat, watching my beautiful children, as they used their imagination and talents to create wonderful drawings. And I knew, in that moment, that whatever happens in my life or in the world around us, everything is going to be alright. 🙂

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