Day 9: Silly Psoriasis


Ryan T-Gel crazy

Both Aaron and I have major skin issues, so we knew it was a possibility that at least one of the kids would end up with some sort of skin ailment. Aaron has psoriasis and I have eczema and acne. We have had two sons who have had alopecia areata (Ethan’s cleared up after a few months and Simon’s just appeared in the past month) and several of our children have had eczema, some worse than others. We have kept the kids off of steroids and meds because most of them haven’t been tested long enough (in our opinion). We have used some over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, from time to time. Amazingly, every case of eczema has eventually cleared up. Yay!

Our sweet little Ryan developed psoriasis about a year or so ago. It started off small and soon grew to cover most of her scalp (which is where Aaron has had most of his psoriasis). We have been using T-gel on her head on a pretty consistent basis, but I finally decided we would wash her scalp with it, at least once a day, to see if it would make a noticable difference. It has been working beautifully! The only issue we have had, is that Ryan hates to wash her hair. So, we have had to make it a fun time, full of silly hairdos and special time alone with mom or dad (I wash Mondays-Thursdays and Aaron washes Fridays-Sundays). It has made all the difference. It kind of reminds me of the song from the movie, Mary Poppins, A Spoonful of Sugar (helps the medicine go down…).

It is amazing how much we can accomplish and how much easier it seems to be, when we have something positive to accompany the (boring, difficult, scary,  *fill in the blank* ) task at hand. We have been so relieved to see that we could clear her head up so quickly with persistence and the right kind of treatment. This week, I will be having her drink carrot and spinach juice (along with whatever fruits I have, to make it more appealing), and of course, we will be continuing the silly psoriasis shampoo sessions. What fun!

Ryan T-Gel closeup

Love this little gal of ours! 🙂

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