Day 10: Mary’s Love


Many Choices

I waited for many years to have the painting, She Shall Bring Forth a Son, by Liz Lemon Swindle. It is one of my most favorite paintings, ever. I love being able to look over every morning and see the peaceful look on Mary’s face, as she is taking in the smell and the taste of her first-born child, cherishing every moment, as she is becoming more acquainted with him. It takes me back to my own 6 births and those first few moments, when these precious souls made their way into our world and began their lives here on earth. This image, in my opinion, is the epitome of motherhood. I am amazed at who Mary was. Her faith in God’s plan for her, her ability to travel with her husband during her last month of pregnancy, to find herself in labor and to give birth in a stable, among the filthiest of creatures. And to remain calm throughout the entire event. So, yes, I imagine her looking this radiant right after giving birth to the Only Begotten Son of God.

This picture means so much more than just a mama enjoying the first few moments of her new baby. The sacrifice that was made by our Heavenly Father and Mother and by our brother, our Saviour, is overwhelming to me. I also feel the great responsiblity it must have been and the pain and anguish Mary must have felt. It would have been so difficult to see all of the trials that Jesus faced because of fulfilling his mission in this life. To know all that he had to endure, must have been especially heart wrenching for her. To be at the bottom of his cross, with all of the confusion as to why her own people would crucify their Saviour. My heart goes out to her, every time I think of her role as His mother. Mary is so precious to me and holds a special place in my heart.

So, as I was sorting our Christmas movies and deciding which ones to keep and figuring out which ones we need to add, I was also reminded of the endearing love of a mama to the King of this World. And that is what this whole celebration is all about, right? The greatest gift ever given was because of the love of a Father and a Mother, magnified by the sacrifice and humility of an earthly mother and father, and sealed with the willingness of our brother, who gave His all for us. In the end, it all comes down to one thing, love.

During the next couple weeks, as I am busy with making Christmas gifts for the kids and our families, with planning out movies to watch and different activities to do as a family, with writing our annual newsletter and the individual letters to each child, I am going to think upon the greatest gift of all and the humble beginning of our Lord. I am going to work on having more peace and faith in my own heart. I am going to put more love into everything I am giving and doing. And after Christmas has passed, and the tree has been put away. When the Christmas decor is all on sale for 75% off and everyone is flat broke from spending all of their means to try desperately to express their love, I am going to keep on having peace and faith in my heart. I am going to keep on putting love into everything I do. That is my gift to my Saviour, my Redeemer, my brother, my friend. Because, that is the very least I can do for Him.

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