Day 13: Different Believes


Different Believes

All the year long, I have been planning what types of crafts I would be making to sell this Christmas. I took a class to learn how to use my Silhouette Cameo machine (it’s a vinyl cutter, for those of you who don’t know). I played with paint until I figured out my own unique technique and style. I bought some wood and got to work on making some cute little wooden boxes to sit on people’s mantles, tables, and in their windows. Then I took them into one of the local boutiques that I have my Gypsy Essential wares at. I asked the owners if they thought that anyone else in the store that sold vinyl items would mind and they both said “No”.

The funny thing was, I came back to this store, just 2 days later and found that another vendor (and I honestly don’t know who this person is) had made their own Believe sign and had purposefully put it in front of mine (yes, it is pictured behind….only because I moved them around for the picture). I was a little shocked. I picked it up, looked for a price tag or a Vendor # (which is what every vendor is supposed to have on their merchandise), but couldn’t find anything. I was not sure of what type of message they were trying to send, but moved my sign over to the other side of the group display table (which is where the owners allow all of the vendors to display a few of each of their items), and left.

Tonight, I went back in to see if any of my items had sold at this store and decided that I would take my signs home and gift them to some of my friends, rather than try to compete with another vendor. Obviously, they are more concerned about making a point (still not sure what that point is) and I am just interested in selling my wares so we can pay for food and some bills. I didn’t remove it out of anger or to make a point, just wanted to give that vendor a chance to sell their wares. And, besides, when they come in and see that my wooden sign is gone…..they will wonder for a few moments where it went….and that just makes me laugh. 😉

I could end my little post there, but I won’t (I am sure you are wondering how it could get any more interesting than that little gem of a story, right?). I entitled this post Different Believes for a reason. Just like these different Believes, each of us has our own different beliefs. And like these Believes, we sometimes believe that our own Believe is better than other people’s Believes….and maybe it is. We spend time researching, developing, and creating that Believe. We step back and admire our Believe, we nurture it, and then we feel like we need to share our Believe with others….in the hopes that others will want our Believe. We hope to gain something from sharing our Believe with others, just as I was hoping to have someone buy mine and make me feel worthwhile and filthy rich…..or maybe I just wanted someone to say, “Oh, wow! I have seen other Believes and they were okay, but yours is just what I have been looking for. We think alike. I love it. Can I keep it?”  😉

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