Day 15: Tea Party


2nd Day of Christmas Tea Party

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, my parents gave to me….2 new teas! We are a tea-loving family. I have loved herbal teas since I was first introduced to them at the age of 17 and I have convinced Aaron to tea over cocoa. Happily, we have kids who all love tea, as well. And, in our bus conversion, you can see that we are serious about this stuff, with our Tea & Spice Cupboard.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and today is the anniversary of the Bill of Rights going into effect, so Aaron and I decided to do a Tea Party Day…and, boy, did we drink A LOT of tea today! We bought a couple of new teas and pulled out the best china (which is actually from my trip to China) and sampled several types of teas, along with the cupcakes topped with some whipped cream. Then we put away the best china (only because Aaron started singing a song from The Hobbit, only this one was entitled, That’s What Danni Carlsen Hates…..). We pulled out some of our mugs and continued making and drinking teas all day long.

We also enjoyed listening to the Mad Tea Party song….over and over again. Ryan and Simon danced until they dropped, both dressed to the hilt in Ryan’s dress up clothes and donning hats. And I felt like I was standing in line for the Mad Tea Party Ride at Disneyland for about an hour…only it was much more enjoyable. Then the kids all watched the cartoon version and the (creepy) Johnny Depp version of Alice in Wonderland, and the Liberty Kids: Boston Tea Party. Such a delightful day!

And, because, as I am sure you have noticed, I can’t post just one picture….here are a few snippets of the day….

2nd Day of Christmas Tea Party Invitation2nd Day of Christmas Tea Party 42nd Day of Christmas Tea Party 52nd Day of Christmas Tea Party 3

A VERY, MERRY UNBIRTHDAY (and 2nd Day of Christmas) TO YOU! 🙂

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