Day 16: Psychotic Sewing


Psychotic Sewing

My photo for the 16th day of December never got posted last night. For obvious reasons. I have been sewing and crocheting like a madwoman. Literally, a MAD woman. The amount of pain my little fingers and my right shoulder are enduring right now, have been causing me to be even more irritable than normal. Add to that, the fact that I am getting very little sleep and the kids are acting out even more than usual (I am sure, due to the fact that I set the tone for the entire house….and it hasn’t been a pleasant one). And you can see why it has been a little chaotic around our house.

I also figured out that I am only making around $1 an hour, at my current prices (but I will be writing an entire post on that after Christmas….). It was a rather stressful and depressing day for me. A few tears were shed and, if you were walking past my home, you may have heard a few screeches (all at the sewing machine, I assure you).

The day ended with my 10 yr old sewing machine, finally stopping completely. I am sure it is repairable, it never has been cleaned, oiled or taken care of and it finally went on protest. So, there I sat, with several towels to complete and no idea how that was going to happen. Aaron came in and began taking it apart. That melted my heart and put things back into perspective for me. I called my neighbor, who offered to let me use her old sewing machine for the week. That took away a great deal of my stress. And today, I am taking my sales off of all of my products. I am sure that I will sell items this week, and I AM going to make $1.50 per hour, DANG IT! 😉

3rd Day of Christmas Happy Hanukkah menorah

Here is the homemade menorah that Aaron put together for last nights 3rd Day of Christmas (I knew it was going to be crazy, so I put him in charge of some of the days), which was a brief history of Hanukkah. The kids made some paper dreidels and we talked about the importance of respecting all religious and secular holidays and understanding the history of where they all come from. Yesterday, just happened to be the last day of Hanukkah for this year……and the last day with my Psychotic Sewing machine,  until I can afford to have it repaired.

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