Day 18: Santa’s Letters


Luken's 2nd letter to Santa

This is the 2nd letter to Santa that Luken has written this year…..and I have been lucky enough to find them both before they disappeared.

Luken's 2nd letter to Santa B

Yeah. Now, before you jump to conclusions here, let me tell you what he told me later in the day (after I had found the first letter….he put the red flag up that time. Thankfully, this time, Ethan reminded him that moms and dads can get the letters to the north pole faster. Phew!). Later in the day, he excitedly told me what he was asking Santa for (and it was the same list of items you see in the letter here). When I asked him what he needed these items for, he told me that it was for a machine he was building. Hmmmmm. When I asked him what the machine was, he explained that it is going to be a time machine……. but not an ordinary time machine (Well, of course not. Duh!). His machine would not only travel back and forth through time, but it would also take you back into a dream (Ooh, I was liking the sound of this machine). And, as if I wasn’t already beyond impressed, he goes on to explain that you can also become a character in a book or a movie you are watching/reading…..which leads me to question one thing….where am I supposed to find all of the items on his list? 😉

Ryan's letter to Santa

This is Ryan’s first letter to Santa, completely on her own. Don’t you love the snowflakes? 🙂 I don’t usually make a habit of having the kids write letters to Santa Claus. I know it sounds strange, but we kind of downplay Santa, in most regards. We have movies on Santa and we have music that talks about him, but we aren’t into the whole “You better be nice or Santa won’t bring you anything”… just seems to be a bit too manipulative for me. There is no Elf on the Shelf here, either….much too creepy for me. 😉

Ryan's letter to Santa B

Anyways, back on subject…notice the bunny rabbit up in the upper left corner, Santa Claus in the house, the sled up on the roof, and (of course) Ryan sound asleep in her bed? I knew Ryan had asked for a pink bunny a few months ago, when we had asked her what she wanted for Christmas. But I had no idea she was really serious……until she was sitting on Santa’s lap the other night (both Mr. and Mrs. Claus were at one of the boutiques I have my Gypsy Essential items at) and he asked her. That was when I knew, she must really want a pink bunny. So, tonight, I spent a good portion of the night searching for the perfect bunny image to use and I finally found the one. Can’t wait to begin working on it!

Oh, I got my sewing machine fixed today (the man who fixed it for me, took less than 5 hours). Yay! Merry Christmas to me. 🙂

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