Day 19: Sewing Sunshine


Sunshine Sewing

Usually, I sew up to the sewing desk I have in our dining room, but during the Christmas season, I set up a station in our bedroom (which locks) and I take a week (which is, unfortunately, usually the very last week before Christmas) to finish sewing all of my Christmas gifts for friends and family. This weekend, I will be taking a few hours and spending time with each child, as we complete their homemade gifts for each other (we do an exchange……we tried having each child make gifts for every other child the first year and thought I would rather pull out all of my teeth than try that one again. lol).

After I had everything set up, I glanced over at the table. The sunshine was pouring in through the windows and the beauty of the vibrant colors, overwhelmed my senses to the point of bliss. The view of the majestic mountains was perfect from where I would be sitting. With the sunshine caressing my skin, I knew that my SADD would be defeated today. As I was taking it all in, I thought about how truly blessed I am. I thought of how many times I have had unexpected events in my life that have caused sadness or anxiety, but I also thought of the miracles that have and will continue to occur. Whenever there is a conflict or a trial, I always seem to be blessed to be able to find a way through. And, I believe, when we look for the miracles, we all can end up better from the process.

Sunshine Sewing upclose

Like the old, worn out bed sheets that these Gypsy Mats once were, we, too have been washed, tumbled, ripped, rolled, twisted, and moulded into something better, something with a new purpose, something beautiful to behold. If only we could see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator. I believe he feels the same kind of bliss I felt today, as I glanced over at my handiwork. It must have been what it felt like for Him, as He was sewing sunshine for the first time….pure bliss. 🙂

Pura Vida!


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